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3D Modeling Dev Cyberpunk World Project
Cyberpunk World Project

So basically after becoming addicted to Sindom as a 3d modeler (Starting Out) I started to stray from my normal Fantasy RPG modeling and have been wanting to model Cyberpunk. After talking to another player on skype we started to plan out something and I started to play around with models and such getting some basic knowledge of how things or going to be made. I would like some opinions and suggestions on what I should make different or what you think would be cool to see. (If possible leave some concept art or reference images.)

-Door with animation.(There is also a closing animation but as you can guess it's just the opposite animation.)

-Apartment WIP

-Bar(Just a concept model will be remaking it.)

Those Images don't seem to be loading in :(
You can right click the broken Images and open in a new tab that should work ♥
Ok, some quick thoughts. Form should follow function. Keep that in mind when thinking about what makes something Cyberpunk. My advice is to get your ideas down on paper, it's way faster than modelling. Stop using the mirror feature so much, asymmetry is where it's at.

The door, I think it's off to a good start, but again, I feel it could use some more edginess. Take the panel off the left side, and put one higher up with a light or something in it. I am not a huge fan of the door itself sliding down. The logistics of this are a lot more difficult than a sideways sliding door.

The apartment. I would not use the mirror for this. Think less about the floor plan, and more about where it is, what kind of building is it in? What kinds of facilities would have to be implemented for things to work here. Vents, ducting, lights, gears or pistons... Design the feel, the place, before worrying about modelling.

The bar. This is a decent start on a fairly basic bar. Slapping a tube on the bar doesn't make it Cyberpunk. I would think more about the components of the bar, is it rounded chrome, in some fancy corp building, is it a bar from the mix, made up of rusted metal sheets riveted together? Maybe the stools are made from car tires, or random metal they could scrap together.

Overall I would say, push your angles, and think about what kinds of mechanics and what not might be here. I threw in a little thumbnail of a hallway, just to illustrate how you can use odd angles to add more atmosphere.

I like that feed back but the tube does have a function honestly its part of a cooling system for the ice box on the other side but I was wondering if you by chance have Skype Id love to discuss more on the matter. @mindkontrol
Nah, don't use Skype. You could gmail me @mindkontrol.
I I Pistol Model I I
I think this is a fine model for a gun, but don't see much that would say Cyberpunk to me, aside from the blue glow, which, unless it was maybe in the hands of a Judge, does not seem very practical to me. Take a look at the gun from Blade Runner. It has a unique feel that encompasses the theme of the world they were creating.
@mindkontrol I know but I'm kinda at a halt atm I got a basic map that my partner made but when it comes to concepts and such we are lacking due to not having a concept artist on my team.( Atm the dev team has two departments.) Thats why I wondered if you had skype I saw that thumb nail and it looked bad ass. Back to what I was saying, without knowing exactly how everything will work and look it's hard to images and achieve that.