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Advertising Sindome
How to attract more nerds??

The city I live in has a large gaming culture. We have multiple stores catering to rpg'ers, and many offer space to use freely for gaming with friends and strangers alike. I was thinking, putting some ads around these players could very well generate an jnflux of new blood. I am mainly wondering if there are sindome flyers, or imagery that I could use to print out some hard copy adverts for the game?

I don't believe there are. You could easily print up some of your own though! New players are awesome.

This is how I advertise Sindome.

This is the Epicness.

I harass and tell as many as possible. On chat-sites, social media. *~*~*Everywhere*~*~* I even met a guy on the metro and wrote it on a sticky note ad stuck it to his work binder.

Totally updated the Deviantart Sindome Group >>. People should try and post more art and other things on the page so we can attract people who might be interested in Sindome as well.

When the professor leaves, I can write the link on the board and under it write "DNE: do not erase"

I'm doing a survey for a business class, if you have a moment to spare, chummers, it would help me out a lot! Don't be a jerk - click the link

I'll fill it out a bit later, wanna think on my answers for some of the questions.

I have discussed this on the ooc channel a couple of times as I am definitely interested in promoting sindome in my homecountry (england). There aren't many gmt timezone players atm so it'd be to my benefit and that of the games too.

I am tempted to put my telemarketing experience to use and see if I can get us a feature in some magazine or other... The only thing about this being I would want to talk to a senior member of sindome first to be sure I don't misrepresent them and that they are cool with me doing that on their behalf. Aside from that social media and friends seems to be the way to go.

Vistaprint is an excellent resource if you're looking for materials to scatter around your area. You can get tons of business cards on up from them, customized and professional looking. I was very satisfied with them back ehen I worked and advertised via cards.

Aside from TMC and TMS, you might also consider the in-game message boards on other related game types. MUSH, MUX, and Rhost codebases are all very similar and require role-playing. The folks there will undestand the idea behind the game, and most such games do have message boards to be used for elseMU advertising.

Wanted to post more, but I had to use my iPad and it takes me forever to type on this thing. :)

Hey everybody, I got 12 responses. Thank you for your time!

Will leave the survey open for 7 more days if anybody else is interested in taking it.