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Advice For Initiating Plots/RP
Abstract advice on NPC interaction?

First of all thanks for making this wonderful game, and thanks to all of the players who have been very cool about helping me learn to play. I'm brand new to RP in general, and muds, so the learning curve has been pretty extreme--which is something I REALLY enjoy in general, so I'm actually having a lot of fun.

I wasn't able to find anything through searching (maybe I'm using the wrong keywords), so I thought I'd post a question about it here: Can anyone provide any advice or abstract/fictional examples about what a few typical player initiated plots with an NPC could be?

I'm totally willing to take the plunge and try to get some sort of plot going for myself, but the triple whammy of not knowing the city (which I'm fine with) plus not knowing what mechanics are available to accomplish IC goals, and/or not knowing what to expect from the GM's in terms of a regular "puppet session" is making it difficult for me to plan goals that are achievable in the short/mid/long term. This is exacerbated by my lack of RP experience in the past. So I'm at a bit of a weird spot where my imagination wants to run wild, but I'm not sure what is "feasible" in the world environment due to mechanics I'm unaware of, or unknown factors such as GM time for puppetting (or what the etiquette/scope of these interactions typically is).

I guess what it boils down to is that I don't want to try to initiate some kind of plot, and find out that I'm going about it all wrong because of the factors above and end up wasting the GM's time with a total flop.

I'm not looking for any spoilers or anything like that, but could someone please point me in the direction of some threads about this? Or maybe provide me with some arbitrary and made up examples of what a typical interaction with a puppetted NPC would be like? Like I said, nothing IC, just a few abstract examples of the kinds of things that could be explored? Or if that is too much, maybe some general advice about initiating plots with NPCS that I can arm myself with so that when I experiment I'm more adept at it?

I'm having a blast working with the other players and learning about the city, but I'd like to start moving and shaking for my character on their own...I'm just not sure how to go about it exactly because of all of these factors.


This is a really, really broad question, but in my experience the sky is basically the limit, as long as you respect theme. Players have started highly successful gangs, launched companies, developed new technology, and launched all-out wars. Staff seems perfectly willing to give you back as much as you put in, assuming that it makes sense. A newly-arrived character isn't going to design an AI or take down the Arteries in their first month in the city, but if you set lofty goals and consistently work toward them over time, you will see dividends over a long enough period of time. That's not to say you'll succeed, but things will happen.

The most important thing is to learn to rely on other players, not staff. There's stuff only staff can do, obviously, but they have a whole game to run, and making fun for other players should always be your primary objective.

The first ever major thing I did in this game. That I can remember took me about four months. And a lot of it required me to be actively roleplaying with the staff and players. So my advice, is to make sure just to kind of take it a day at a time. Things don't happen over night here. But when they happen it's real amazing. All the players are real interested in getting things going and you'll find someone eventually who can really see things move about.
Cool, thanks all!