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AI Generated Characters
Opinions & Thoughts

Been bored and brainstorming character ideas. Realized I had nothing original that I'd both enjoy playing and that would actually be unique from anything I usually do. Asked my younger brother (who doesn't RP) for some character traits and asked OpenAI to make me a character background. Worked amazingly well and it's helping me flesh out so many details. Even making its descriptions for me that are different from my way of writing.

Good or bad? This helps me create something that people may not instantly be able to recognize and helped me come up with ideas I normally wouldn't have been able to. Not to mention, I can still ask it for ideas on other parts of the character's life and constantly flesh out more about it on the spot. It's not always perfect, but it's incredible when you need something fresh and you're feeling creatively blocked.

What do you guys think? I recommend trying it for yourselves too, and form an opinion.

I work in an industry that gives me strong mixed feelings about my future job prospects with the medium, but it is a tool that is there and will not go anywhere. I personally dont use it on that principle but understand why others do.