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Another new(ish) player
Hi, everybody!

Hey everyone, just wanted to post a random hello, as I am coming back into Sindome after a long absence. I never got thoroughly involved here (just played a bit sporadically back in 2005), and quit for many years because kids.

It looks like Sindome is much more active than back when I played, and It's nice to see new folks coming in during the short time I've been back. Great job to the admins for keeping the ship sailing. It's a great world you have all built up here. Glad to be back.

Welcome back, from one player to another!

The staff does a remarkable job of keeping the world active and involving, and the players are quality role-players. I think you'll have a great time.

It should also be noted that the players have had a very active role in luring new players into the trap that is Sindome. We advertise regularly via socials on OOC-Chat to remind players to vote and keep us in high placement on MU* listing sites, and player written reviews garner quite a lot of attention as well.

If you want to help Sindome grow, do your own little part. Voting, after sign-up, only takes a matter of a second away from your day. :)

Welcome back :)

Welcome back, chumma!