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anything like the matrx happening

like the character realizing that theyre not in control, and its a greater power determining their every move? if not, would it ever be allowed to if a character runs into something that they cant explain. Ie. an actual game bug
should also add a new game event where your SIC chip malfunctions and fries your god damn brain, instantly killing you and exploding your body
I hear there's a ghost in the game who recorded her message on an Eyepod. If you watch the broadcast, you die in seven days. Actually since this is a game she's a virus and if you want to defeat her, you have to "wake up" to the outside world Withmore is encapsulated in, get the antidote there, and then go back into the simulated world to disperse the antidote. You'll end up dying along with her though, but you save everyone.

No I'm just kidding, there's no Matrix or Ring stuff here.

That doesn't mean that your character can't believe it to be the case. I've heard some crazy conspiracy theories ICly. If you want to play a character that believes that every moment since getting chipped at the gate has been him in a computer sim, that's your call. Just like some people IRL chose to believe that they are a part of a dream or simulation. Feel free to blame strange IC things as glitches of a system (though OOC things like trace backs and bugs should never be referenced ICly).

But don't expect staff to validate your theory or anyone else to go along with it. In fact, should a character run about like this I would expect them to be ridiculed, mocked and for many to think them crazy. Some might try to cure them. Others might bully them. But that could be a fun angle for some players. Just have fun and be sure to respect the IC/OOC divide. No bringing OOC elements into the game - not even as a part of your character's delusions!

Matrix technology exists within the lore of the game. Just not the shitty mid-2000s matrix you're thinking of, more Neuromancer style. I suppose it wouldn't be too far fetched for a virus of some kind to have existed that locked people inside their terminals for a while and made them run through a simulation of some kind. Not exactly to the style of the movie, but still a hella cool concept in that regard.