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An alternative to piccrew

I was researching piccrew and found a link ti this place...

You can use it to generate some amazing stuff...

This. Is. Amazing.

What I managed to 'compose' with this.

Just some random takes on a few dome citizens I happen to to have in my memory banks.

Damn it... That second one was supposed to be this,

This program is amazing, great find. I went down like a five hour rabbit hole.
this is freaking awesome.
Corporate Towers on Gold...

Red Sector at Night

Felt this one reminded me of a Dome citizen!

This program is incredible, and the range of what you can do with it making portraits and etc. is really awesome. As it turns out, you can also make nightmares.

I present: "Things you see in the Event Horizon"

Ah! And this one reminded me of Gold at sunset, with one of the towers. Awesome, awesome tool.