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Attempting to start
Intimidated, so questions


New player. I have registered and entered the game. I have wandered around a bit. I found the coffin hotel and a few other bits. The thing is, I am really intimidated by it all! I apologise if that sounds weird, but I dunno! Part of it is a fear of running into an unknown aspect and Boom! Rock falls everyone dies, roll a new character. Another is mapping. Yes, I can get the ascii map up, but I am only venturing as far as I can remember the way so I can get back to my newbie coffin.

I'd like to get on and do a history, interact and find the acme group so I can build on my backstory (mechanic/driver) and get a delivery gig as a first job. But right now, I'm stepping out looking around, freaking out and hiding again!

It sounds crazy. I know. Apart from the help files, reading the world backstory and becoming comfortable in my own skin, are there any blatant hints/tips/pointers I am missing? Stuff like: "you won't die unless you try really obviously hard to P*SS someone off"?

You have newbie protection for 2 weeks, go crazy, no one will attack you if you don't attack someone first, which breaks the newbie protection.

You have to go out there and explore, maybe don't be too attached to your first character but don't worry about anything bad necessarily happening to them either. Learn about the game and don't be afraid to explore, people will be helpful to nice newbies.

Your reactions are perfectly normal for someone brand new to this type of thing so don't worry about looking crazy. And be wary of everyone else, because we -are- crazy. :P

You most likely won't die unless you try to piss someone off, or wander into a select few areas. Just use common sense, read warning signs and the rest will come in time. Help files are your best friend; @newbie, help history, help jobs, help suicide. Try not to give away -anything- IC about your character while talking OOC, like skills and intentions.

The Mind will be your second best friend for common knowledge.

Well, It can be easy to die but it usually happens when you do something IC stupid like jump off a building, travel in dangerous areas (like in the wastes outside of the dome), walk in the express tubes, attack NPCs know you probably shouldn't mess with and that sort of thing.

When it comes to other PCs killing you I have found that, unless your character gives an IC reason for being killed, they don't often run around randomly killing other characters. Same with NPC puppeted by GMs. Most violence I have come across has a reason behind it (though it might not always be apparent to you).

Sindome also has IC ways of reducing the impact of death with clones. Depending on your character's personality, history and motivations, getting a clone might be a good thing to do early on. Of course, clones need to be updated every so often.

Also, don't be afraid to ask other characters for IC advice or help. Though the game is full of paranoia establishing relationships with other characters is pretty key to the game. The nature of those relationships can vary widely of course.

When it comes to getting familiar with the game, just take it slow and approach it how you think your character might. I know when I am in a new town I tend to stay close to my home base and slowly expand my range over time.

Also be sure to use the 'examine' command A LOT. 'examine me', 'examine here' and 'examine THING' will help you so much. If examine shows a command that is not clear, you can often do 'help COMMAND' to get more details (though not always).

Hope some of this helps. I am sure other, more experienced, players will be able to provide other advice.

Hi and welcome.

In game there is the Grid network. This is pretty much common info and the Sindome site has a wiki / help section. These sections can give you some info about the game.

Also, @newbie will help you with some tips.

There is a section in the grid that has some city maps for the Central sections of the Dome. They aren't complete but have the streets, blocks, major business places that people go to.

Remember to read the information on your screen. Different blocks have similar visuals but there are differences.

Yes, Examine commands and the Look commands will help you a lot.

You do have a 2 week "safe zone" to explore and meet people without having to worry too much depending on what you're doing.

You may come across characters that are assholes or idiots or annoying brats but can be clever and are interesting, but keep in mind that IC attitude and flaws are different from OOC. The players tend to be quite helpful even if their characters are selectively helpful and with a plan or don't give a shit about you at all.

(I've noticed that players will have their characters meet up or reach out to new characters though so put yourself out there.)

Read up on @Notes and use those and know that your character is learning. Not a badass to begin with but one hell of a badass in training (in whatever subject / archetype you choose).

And if you're not sure about the direction you're taking, as I've been told recently, more or less it was you can always try another direction with your same character, even a short lived direction, or try something new.

I know of a few characters who have been Mix, Topside, Mix, Topside, and continuing this cycle, and seen another or two try a few directions and attitudes and even personalities until settling out.

You can develop quirks or major flaws as you play and create some exasperation (which can be funny as hell) and then have your character be working toward not having those flaws, be they fear of fighting, communication and social setbacks, nervousness around computers, whatever you like.

Characters are like Shrek and the onion analogy. There are always layers.

Have fun with it.

And have fun learning Poses and Emotes (help pose for example).

They really help add some RP flavor to the game.

Also, this game is closer to real time than turn based to please don't take a long time writing out something like a 5 sentence pose and conversation.

Break it up and give us a chance to RP with you. :)