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Baguette's Ultimate Pose Guide
Bow before me, for I have mastered the art.

Posing's weird and fucky, and I've been noticing more and more people having a difficult time figuring out how to use them properly without them targetting the wrong person, or putting an 's' where there shouldn't be one. So, I've decided to write this guide with my own knowledge of how the pose system works, which seems to be pretty good. Not perfect, but good.


This is the one I see people mess up the most. You'll often see people writing poses that to them, work perfectly (i.e 'You push JimBaka'), but to you and everyone else, doesn't look quite right (i.e 'JoeBaka pushs Jimbaka').

To work around this, whenever you use an action is a pose that's going to be prefixed with a '.', if it ends with 'sh', 'ch', or the letter 'h' in general, always stick an 'e' after it, because the MOO doesn't know to do that on it's own. For example, the example I gave earlier would be fixed by doing it like this: .pushe jimbaka. While this won't look perfect to you, it will to everyone else.


This one's a little more complicated, and even I don't know exactly what causes the pose target to change, but this is what works the most for me:

In a particularly complex pose, there's going to be a lot of 'me', 'my', 'his', 'her', 'they', etc being thrown around. This tends to confuse the pose system, and changes who the pose is actually "targetting". What I've found is usually the pose'll work fine, but when you use something like 'me', 'my', or less frequently 'I', you'll have to refer to the other person by name the next time you mention them in the pose, instead of using their pronouns. If you do use their pronouns, the pose will still be targetting you, as the 'me' you wrote switched the target from them to you. Using their name switches the target back to them, and you can use their pronouns from there on out like usual.


Sometimes when you use a pose, the punctuation in the middle of it will disappear at certain points. This is usually if you do things like a comma or period after using the words "me", "my", "I", "myself", etc, or any other player's name or pronouns. The only way I know of avoiding this so far is to just not stick your punctuation immediately after those words.


This one's pretty simple, but I've seen enough people that don't know about it that I thought I'd give it its own thing. If you want to start a pose with an adverb, or anything that isn't going to end in "-s", use the "pose" command instead of just a period. For example, "pose quietly .cackle to myself as JimBaka is pushed".

There's probably a few things I've missed, so feel free to call me an idiot loser dumbfuck in the replies if it was anything very obvious.

This is pretty great.

The targetting is something I call 'poseballing'. Eachtime you refer to yourself or someone else, the 'ball' is thrown to the other person. So say,

'.look at JoeBaka, and then at myself.'

The poseball starts with you, and then goes to JoeBaka, and then yourself again.

If you did something like:

'.look at JoeBaka and .squint at him.'

The poseball just changed from you to JoeBaka, but never back to you.

It's pretty simple really-- Nothing to be confused about. :-)

I just always use a name, and name's like that. And it never fails.
Just chipping in here, @options pose is a huuuuuge help. It'll turn on the echo so that you see your own posing outputs. I thought I was a boss for a while then saw how sloppy the output was. Majorly cool feature.
And you can also pose the way I do. I call it the half-ass lazy way.

I don't care what it looks like on my side of the screen, as long as it looks good to other people.

pose looks at JoeBaka and squints at him.

How it looks to me: You looks at JoeBaka and squints at him.

But it looks great to everyone else, and I don't have to think about anything. :P

In other words, you use pose like it's really emote? Only difference being JoeBaka sees it addressed to "you" (him) instead of seeing his own name spelled out
Correct. Used like emote, works like pose for other people.

I swear I'm the only person who never poses.

I just don't see the point in taking longer to write emotes and potentially mess them up when I can just address whatever character with their name or some descriptor with a regular emote. It saying 'you' instead of JoeBaka isn't worth all that.

A heads up thay I didn't realize for ages, the pose system does recognize words that end in 'y' and 'ss', changing them to 'ies' and 'sess' for everyone else.

Another thing, always refer to other people by name, not him/her, while it works for the first and 3rd person, the target sees it as your. 'I .bonk her' shows as 'She bonks your.'

It took me about six months to realize that pose also handles to-be verbs as well.

.realize how stupid i .am.

JoeBaka realizes how stupid he is.

I also don't use the period next to every verb, depending on the sentence. Sometimes it's correct in both first and third person. "Had," is a good example of that.

Pose away!

One thing not mentioned as far as I saw but should be is .

I .am walking toward the exit.

Becomes PLAYERNAME is walking to the store.

.am - even though not a verb.. works.

'Am' is a verb, as mentioned it's from the infinitive 'to be', it is just highly irregular.
".boop JoeBaka's nose and .smooshe him right in the face."

Would that show correctly since I started with a possessive or should I write out:

".boop JoeBaka's nose and .smooshe JoeBaka right in the face."

Try it and see?

There are a couple of ways to know:

Use the @options like someone mentioned above, or, enter the Emote tutorial and let the mirror or CCTV show you what others see when you pose.

oh, nevermind about the @tutorial - I suggested a while back that a dummy NPC should be put in there to pose against for this reason. But since JoeBaka or any other character won't be in there with you, then @options pose is your ... Option.
The second option Pinkle, the first will look correct in the emote preview, but the target will not translate correctly.
Thank you! <3 I have pose echo on and it looks right to me but I always wondered.
Thanks to 0x1mm, I learned that pronoun substitution works in poses.

This solves one particular thing I thought was un-solveable - not being able to get "he" capitalized when starting a new sentence in the middle of a pose, when I .put my own first-person pronoun there.

Old example: .look around. I then .do something else.

Third parties see "Beandip looks around. he then does something else." See the lowercase H?

With the capital version of the subject pronoun substitute, I can show capital-H He to third parties - though, to me, I also see the third-person substituition.

New example: .look around. %S then .do something else.

yields "Beandip looks around. He then does something else." for third parties.

On my own side, I see "You look around. He then do something else."

An acceptable wrinkle, as I'm the only one who sees that, but, otherwise solid gold. I'm adopting this immediately.

Thanks 0x1mm.

Holy shit, I didn't know you could use pronoun subs in pose.

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Turns out, there are some seriously weird things you can put into poses with %.
Just a note, in Pinklepop's example, both of those would work.