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Be safe
Be safe out there folks

Just passing on my hopes and desires that everyone is being safe, practicing social distancing where appropriate, and stocking up on must haves where appropriate. Love you all.
You too, Slither. And to the rest of Sindome!!

Be safe <3

Sindome: I'm already prepared to socially distance.
Literally so safe right now. :[

Hope everyone else is doing what they can, and if for whatever reasons you have to be in harm's way, perhaps because you're helping those who are ill -- thank you!

Aww, this was so sweet. Thank you. :)

All is well here. I think what's the most stressful is the constantly changing news. I will say Sindome has been a reprieve from a lot of that, so thank you everyone for playing the characters that you do who help bring some normality, where a lot of things going on are not.

Went to the store just now and it's really depressing to see the meat shelves just obliterated. Getting a little dicey over here. Hoping it settles once people have themselves stocked up. Trying not to get too discouraged.

Hope everyone's doing well.