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BGBB Moderation
Something to touch upon and improve, and some news.

We have been discussing amongst Staff about BGBB behavior and how to best enforce BGBB rules about IC information, etcetera.

Staff are very busy individuals and not all of us have the time to read the BGBB, so I am taking upon myself to more closely moderate the BGBB and the threads within, and attempt to enforce our rules more consistently. I will do my best to be consistent and keep active moderation of the BGBB while allowing discussion to naturally flow where it needs to go.

Lastly, just don't be a dick to eachother on the BGBB. Let's all keep it cool. And let's not drop IC info like nobody's business, either. I am willing to answer xhelps about information that can (or can't) be posted on the BGBB if necessary but use common sense.

Thanks, everyone!

Hear hear!
Woop Wooop! *\o/*
Heck yeah, Celestial!

Also, I'd live to give a shoutout to Christina Applegate.

We have begun issuing warnings, and blocking people for posting IC info, or being a jerk. If you are a person who comes here, hot or anger, please do not post. Give it a few minutes, chill, then post.

We will not be tolerating this behavior.