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About popular brands

I have a question everybody Outside the dome the world still spins in its twisted way so i have a question.

Is it safe to say that popular brands of soft drinks and foods from our time exist outside the dome in 2099. Such as Coca cola and the likes.

I feel stupid asking this question but i just thought i'd check.

Thanks to all who reply.

Many of the in-world corporations, like Honda-Mitsu and Nito-Kodak, are mergers of real-world corporations that exist today. 85 years is a long time, so a lot of brands that exist today won't still be around - If you need to reference a brand, it's probably safer to go with one established ingame (I.E. Ebola-Cola instead of Coca-Cola) than to go with a real-world one if you can.

I RP'd an Oreo-Ahoy cookie that I bought from the convenience store in the Dome. Couldn't buy it but stores do have cookies and candy. Doesn't do anything other than an RP moment when shared with someone. :)

I just try to do as BattleJenkins mentioned as mergers do happen, but RPing a little something is always fun.