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Community Announcement :: 12/02/16
Am important community announcement

Hello All -

A lot has been said by the staff about how we are always policing ourselves, taking reported abuses seriously, auditing admin behavior, and acting on any evidence we find of @rules violations. I believe we have been fortunate to not have many examples of our handling of cheating on the admin-side to point to-- even if it has made our claims that we /do/ monitor and act on cheating less believable in some of your eyes.

I'm saddened to have to report that we received two reports of possible @rules violations against a player, and that player (unbeknownst to those that reported the infractions) was an admin. Senior Staff (currently active: Johnny, Myself, Cerberus, Jinx) investigated both reports, correlated results, dug into logs, reviewed notes, and utilized other resources at our disposal to confirm the violations, and uncover a few others by the admin in question.

Initially the report was that the player might have a second alt that they were moving roleplay forward with and utilizing the IC info of to progress things for their primary character. This was confirmed by the staff. The secondary alt character was not known to us. Once we confirmed the secondary alt, we had to face the fact that the admin in question had not only suggested that this character be given various things, but had puppeted for that character.

It is forbidden to have a secondary character without express permission from a Justice.

It is not tolerated when one admin tries to get things expressly for their own character from other staff members.

It is forbidden to puppet for your own character.

When we found out about the alts, we celled the secondary alt and posted a note asking the admin responsible for this character to come forward and face the music. We had hoped that they would be willing to accept responsibility, explain their actions, and take whatever punishment was handed down.

At this point, the identity of the admin was known to the Senior Staff, but it was thought that giving them a chance to come forward on their own would be best. They did not come forward and did not respond to further messages attempting to discuss the situation. We notified them of our decision via email.

We have removed their access to the game entirely. They are banned from being an admin, ever again. They are banned from playing for one year. Their characters have both been celled and will be allowed to reap due to inactivity.

You may have noticed I haven't named any names in this post. That is on purpose. You may have your opinions on who it might be, but I urge you to keep it to yourselves. Everyone makes mistakes, we shouldn't compound those mistakes with gossip.

Senior Staff has reviewed their GM-facing roleplay and playing facing roleplay for any other issues. We have already addressed the aspects of the roleplay we found required addressing.

This was a violation of not only the trust of the other admin, but of the players too. I am personally very upset by all of this. There are some of you on the player-side that reported issues, and I know that you are upset too. You feel like maybe you got special treatment or access to IC info you shouldn't have had, or an advantage in some way due to the meta-gaming of another player. I feel for you. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to correct that.

However, I would offer the following advice to you. If you feel like you got some information unfairly, set about getting it fairly. Have your character forget either ICly or OOCly, that they know these things. Take your own actions to balance the scales of your own roleplay, if you think you need to. What you shouldn't do is linger on this or let it taint your roleplay. You did nothing wrong. Don't let this upset your enjoyment of the game. It's not worth it and it's not what the rest of the community would want.

I sign into the game and I see a collection of world class roleplayers and a community that is healthy, collaborative, and good to each other. I have no doubt that any lingering wrong doing done by this former admin will not be a problem for a community as experienced and strong as ours.

-- Slither

Bumping this for visibility.