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Cyberpunk Image collection on Pinterest

So just lookin' through some badass images and pinning around on Pinterest in the category of cyberpunk. Never really been on Pinterest for more than it took to view a photo and then leave. BUT, I wanted to do something on Pinterest sooooo...

I'm starting a collection of cyberpunk images from around the web and posting them to my pinterest account. You can see the collection of images i'm curating here -

I'm trying to have the largest collection of cyberpunk images and tagging them all with #cyberpunk and #sindome. So I'd like to invite you to email me images you'd like me to put up. Or if you want to put them up on your pinterest account, just send me a link to it and I will pin them to mine. I would REALLY love many of these to be Sindome characters and the like.

If they aren't your images, please send me the creator's name so I can give props.


Made it Clicky!

I've been curating some for a couple years as well: