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Cyberpunk/Sindome LARP?
Are there any already/anyone interested?

Hello Everyone,

I was looking around, since Im not close to my Dagorhir unit anymore, for LARPS, specifically Cyberpunk. Are there any in the United States, generally in the South East Region (New Orleans)? And if not, is anyone willing for a sort of Sindome-based, cyberpunk larp at a convention, say Comic Con Philly or the like, for all the players up north?

Let me know if this is a good idea, I can make the rules and weapon specs, Ive done that before and know what is US legal and such, but I need the players behind it.

Thank you


There was one over the Winter that I played and it was awesome. Is anyone else interested in this topic?
Dont know if I could, but it is definetly interesting idea.
Oh, that would be interesting. ;)
I'm particulary interested in this but sadly living in England kinda restricts me.