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Character killed off in under a week without having really done anything that wrong.. a bit CS-esque. Just starting to get an okay hang of the game, and have to go back to scratch thinking of a new character. This kind of thing really takes a lot of fun out of playing the game.
You were PKed? How... you talked ICly to Luc earlier... clonedeath and PK are different things...
What the hell is a 'PK'?
Player Kill... AKA, Permaed.

If you don't have a clone, and you die, your permaed.

Since you no longer have a profile, I am assuming your permaed... sry dude, dunno why.

Perhaps the reason is that he got killed? Just a possibility.
Obviously you did something wrong if you're dead. Wrong place at the wrong time maybe. People have reasons for killing here. We do not condone random player killing for the hell of it here. New players have a certain amount of time to explore and get a feeling for the place and are flagged as unkillable. Your character has obviously been around long enough to void this.. thus he would have known about clones and to get one.

Most players do not have a problem and I've seen so many newbies get dragged into safe places it's not funny. These players would have been looted and killed without a second thought in other places. You think a week is a short lived character? You're probably right for this place.. most characters live quite a bit longer. Other places you'd be lucky to survive 10 minutes with a new character. Don't say it's CS-esque, cause believe me.. it's far from it.

I'd be very inclined to agree, in the almost 12 months I've been playing on SinDome, I've died 3 times, twice for my first char, and once(by accident) for this char, who I've had for about 8 months.

I'd say you just pissed off the wrong person, the only reason my last char. got perm'd was 'cause I really pissed off the wrong person.

I wont use this board to post how I feel about this any further. Both on here some and in the game by several people, I'm getting argued with and debated as though I said that it was totally unfair and that the game sucked. I didn't say anything like that, and I would appreciate it a lot if, and this is primarily referring to in the game, bothered OOC to be argued with in attempts to justify what happened. I came on here to say how I was feeling, and that it was disappointing to have that happen, and it seems like everyone made the assumption that I don't like the game and hate the other people involved. Just don't bring it up to me in-game anymore, thank you.
I'd also like to stop hearing from people about how it was all something I did wrong. This all got started because he happened to know someone who was involved in someone else's game plot. I'd hardly consider befriending other characters actually doing something -wrong-. Thank you.
Ahhhh! But knowing people is a reason for getting killed. That happened to Luc once... though he managed to get away. (This was early in his life... ooooh, the fun times with Clint and Devon...)

Specifically, telling simple information may get you killed. I've had to kill people in the past for simply saying where I was at a certain time... (This of course, was WAY in the past... and dependent on RP at the time, don't worry.)

Its just a matter of IC-situations at that moment, at that place, and at that time... Sindome is a place of paranoia... except for those who hold massive power. And frankly, I don't see an PCs there.

Oh boo-fucking-hoo-hoo. You started this whiney little thread so what exactly is the point in suddenly telling people to shut up about it? It's not like you made any ground breaking point to start with, you just felt like bad mouthing us and seeing who you could piss off?

Jesus Fuck-a-nut Christ.

If char death after one week is going to be this much grief for you then I -seriously- advise you to leave, this kind of game simply isn't for your delicate sensibilities. I've seen people perma after -months- of playing a character who haven't gone on about it as much as this.

Orel was killed as a result of his own actions. I know this without -ANY- doubt. There is NO question about it and there is NO argument -EVER- that something happened as a result of someone -elses- plot. Events happen as a result of the game world. Every character is part of the game world. There is NO seperation of these factors in -ANY- case.

Orel died ICly for legitimate IC reasons. That's all there is to be said about it. If you're wanting to compare us to CS, feel free to leave and play there, coz I don't want to hear such idiotic and unfounded bullshit.


o/` Where are all the stupid people from...
     ...and how'd they get to be so dumb? o/`

There you go being overly defensive and trying to start it up again. All I said starting the post for was to say that it was something rather unexpected from what I had gotten to know of the place, and made it a bit less fun for the moment. Get that through your head. I never said SD is like CS, all I said was that the fact that my char died in less than a week seemed more like a CS type thing. And you went off on a tangent that I was insulting SD and saying it was like CS. I wasn't bad mouthing SD at all, if you could comprehend that. I can't seem to emphasize enough that I said the fact that I lost a char in a short period of time was something I'd have expected to happen more likely on a game liks CS. That's comparing an -event- that happened to CS, not SD itself.

I was tired of people who misunderstood what I poorly tried to say, and getting arguments about it from people, and wanted it to just stop. I tried to peacefully end this, and I'm not responding to you on here after this. If you want to try to stir it up once again, you're by yourself on that. Keep on trying to get me to leave if you want. You seem to be the only person who I've noticed having a problem with anything I've said or done, too.

Bye-bye now =)

I think the part that hits people is the idea that a character SHOULDN'T die in a short amount of time. Like it's improbable and that people should go out of their way ICly to prevent it. You can say i'm putting words in your mouth but that's what yer saying...

That isn't a fact of CS it's a fact of semi-realistic RP. In Cyberpunk people die. on.

I keep saying it's not what I expected. This is an example of how I accidentally caused a misconception of what I thought, I understand that chars can die at any time, but it just wasn't expected.

tee hee



Yeah, I'm trying to get you to leave. Yep. That's what it is that I'm doing. Fo shure.


I don't -need- to be defensive, I've got nothing to defend here that you're even remotely close to threatening. I'm just -tired- of stupid statements and stupid opinions from stupid people.

You've repeatedly referred to CS over this situation, but you tell me you've barely played CS. So, what is this? Sounds to me like you've read up on the animosity between the two MOO's and decided to use it to prick some hides in your post, otherwise, what would be the point of your comment? If you've 'barely played CS' and only been here a week, how would you seriously have anything to build such a comment or comparison on? Christ, I may not like CS, but I think it's something of a joke to say what you're saying about them if you've barely experienced their game. Show a bit of respect for things that have been around for years before your arrival, coz you won't earn -any- respect -anywhere- by charging in with misinformed and opinionated CRAP.

And as for the 'stirring' claptrap, what the FUCK have I got to stir? You think my presence here is soley out of self masturbatory ego tripping pleasure? You think I spend hours every week on the MOO just -LOOKING- for an argument? Yeah, great, and perhaps the MOO is coding and developing itself... and glory be to the AI that runs all the plots. Thank -GOD- Johnny coded it... or should that be Thank Johnny...? Hrm.

Bah. VERY rarely does a player get me as PISSED as this... and it's -ALWAYS- CSers out to cause trouble or newbies who think the MOO fell out their ass.

Weeeeee =)

I -KNEW- I'd get you to post again even tho you said you were done!. HA!


I'm having a lot of fun playing SD right now. How 'bout you Rastus? Having a good time? I hope you are having fun, too. =)
You think I'd still be here after nearly 2 years if I wasn't? Tho, sadly, I rarely get chance to 'play' these days. Oh well.

Tho in all honesty, if you're enjoying then I'm not only enjoying it but am happy too. It means we're doing something right... and judging by the average player count this month, we ARE doing something right.

Viva la Sindome.

I -AM- Sindomian.

Jeeze I wonder why Rastus got banned... lol jk.

Leave me the Heelllll ALOONNNEEE!!!!

And believe me please I didn't copy him...

WATCH HIS POSTS GO UP!!!! copying you, do you mean he has the same avatar and signature?

Because I just started freaking out thinking that I had posted all that shit WAY back in the day and I had just forgotten about it and somehow my board name got changed or what not. But then I saw that Orel started in 2001.

Thankfully I didn't start til 2002. So I'm in the clear.

But what's up with him having me sig and avatar?

Quote: from Ihasamoney on 7:02 pm on April 4, 2008[br]Jeeze I wonder why Rastus got banned... lol jk.

Heh, well it wasn't because of my posts on here if you must know. I posted in that "style" from the day Johnny first set up this forum, it was kind of the "Rastus" persona and a few players named them Rastus' Rants.

Orel's account has been borked for a loooong time, something wonky in the forum db...

Not just the forums, even in-game as Orel I was plagued by weird-ass glitches all the time. I think at one point he should've died a half dozen times or so in a short span, yet didn't. :P