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Dis Track
Happy Holidays!

Hey Sindomeians, I hope everyone has been doing well, and having fun in the Dome. Sadly, my life took a turn towards pure insanity when I found out my GF is pregnant, and we decided to move across the country. A 3-4 day drive became a week and a half adventure involving my BMW's wipers breaking in a blizzard in the MT mountains, and my clutch going out in Minnesota, but we have landed safely in the cheese state and things are slowly returning to a normal-ish routine. I really miss Withmore, but the role I had was taking up more and more time and there was just no way to keep it up with all the life shit going on at the moment. Still, I thought it would be fun to pop on and share some work I had done for the game before things got crazy, and seeing as some time has passed and the opportunity for this to be useful is over, I don't think it would be too OOC to drop it here.

[Intro: ]

say You are now about to witness the strength of corp knowledge

speak loudly

say Straight outta NEO!, Crazy transit guard named Arch-err, Escorting you to your final departurre,

say When he's on the key, yah better take a knee, Do not come to Neo, and piss him off, or your body's liable tah get hauled offf

say You too Deth, fuckin with my boy A-Vee - The WJF gonna have to come and get me, Corpies start to mumble - they wanna rumble,

say Deth better ask the Yaks if she can have fun thoooo

say Goin off on the Fiendclub like black masss, With a verbal bat that's pointed at your asss, Here's a dis rap to-keep y'all jumpIN’, With NLM takin a thump-IN! -

say AK-47, is -the- tool - Don't make Archer act a motherfucking fool, one swift kick and you're pushin up daisiees, He knocking NSEC out the Vee-AR dailee

say Yo, weekly, monthly and yearlee until the bitch Dethrow can-see clearlee, That we down with the capital N-E-O, Don't give a fuck about no NSEC HO -

say So if we in your tower you best DUCK - Cause that baka Archer -crazy- as FUCK!

say I’m Dell’O with the flow so FUCK you NSEC, The human equiv-a-lent of insects, My crew squashing all you bugs that, got the balls to step to NEOSEC

say Yo it’s me, the D-E-L-L-O, Here reppin NT and smashin my FOES - Yeah, NEO might have lost round ONE, but now its our turn to have-some-FUN,

say Deth couldn’t even step the-fuck UP, scared to fight the Archer and press her luck, So she paaid over a hundred kaaay to give the A. V. a bad fuck-ing DAY,

say but now im here rapping pro-BOE-noh, so everyone in tha muthafuckin DOME know,

say that NLM and Deth aint SHIT, just another loud mouthed fat BITCH, drunk on your data tryin ta scratch that ITCH, but its time top-side flipped that switch, NEO gonna leave some bodies in a ditch, and in the fuckin process we’ll all get rich,

say Deth pack your bags, get ready for the mix, cause after this flow you'll be in a fix, watching your hold on that black box slip, back where it belongs in NT’s mighty grip

say - get back in your Duo take another fat rRRIP, while I - crush your team - with this HIT!

say I’m LUNA Dell’Ora saying FUCK you NSEC, You human equiv-a-lent of insects, My squad stomping all you bugs that got the balls to step to NEOSEC

say Fuck NSEC, It's Luna D with authority - knowing in the terminal NEO got the majority,

say You know the team with whomm I'm stepp-inng and what the muthafucking weapins is kept innn,

say an armory for the so called Dethrooww, Every word she speaks my animosity growww,

say aint scared of her fiend club lackeeys up in the tower slurpin Carolina’s fat teaTs,

say Eyes in the sky tryin to catch me slippinnn’ - now they got me poppin my lyrical clip inn

say Searching Hab-eX, digging for the dirt - take a few steps north and your blood is gonna SPURT,

say all up on SIC talkin trash but I just laaugh, they should take the hint not to step-in-my-paath

say Deth in her tower thinking she Gold’s Queeen, Scrubbing at her hands but they never come cleean, she just another topside fiennd, bloodshot eyes cause her veins all seized

say For NeoTrans I'm saying “FUCK you BakA!” - I’m Dell’O with the flow all-up-in-yo-CaSAH, NSEC best just go take-A-nappAhh, They might as well flush that box down the crappAhh,

say NeoTrans H. R. on the WARPATH - And when I'm finished, it's gonna be a BLOODBATH, of NSEC, chokin-on this rap,

say Fiendclub gonna CRY when they FAP

say You know my NAME so -FUCK-YOU-NSEC-, how’d it feel being crushed you INNSEKTS?

say My crew watch as you fail this tesst, Now you know who's the muthafuckin BESSST!

Fuck you, NSEC.

Peace and Love fellow nerds. Keep the Mix bangin' and the backs getting stabbed topside.

Appreciate the intent but could've gone without posting IC information...
Not appropriate to post on the forums. Also, this has already been posted IC so people got a chance to see it.
My apologies, Feel free to remove! Have a great holiday weekend everyone!