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Does sindome have a discord?

Im still pretty new to muds in fact I have only played 2 including sindome (my first was arm). The mud I started with had its own discord server and it was really helpful to new players to learn the controls, meet the community ooc, and get involved overall even when not many people are actually in-game. The staff also conducted player/staff meetings monthly to discuss updates and bugs/complaints and just have a set time where everybody could share ideas.

Does sindome have something similar and if not would it be against the rules for somebody (talking about me) to make a fan made server?


Do not try to initiate anything that might bring you to know a person OOCly. Even if your intention is to just have fun, it could lead to things that MAJOR break the rule (one year minimum ban)

I wholeheartedly and absolutely do not support this type of thing. We have ooc-chat, free-chat and a OOC lounge coming along.

The staff won't support any third party platforms that would facilitate OOC communications, because of the heavy roleplay-intensive nature of Sindome, it is against the rules to share IC information on OOC channels. The in-MOO channels such as the OOC chat and the Game-Help channel are enough to talk to other players, and to get game help. We also have Town Hall meetings, which are OOC gatherings held in-MOO every semester, where we discuss the state of the game. In fact, there will be one this month.

In the discord i was in it was against the rules to talk about ic things it was mostly just to hang out and discuss the world.(also there was nothing like xgame in this mud so that may have been a reason)

But anyway thanks for the answers I was just wondering.

Also, I don't know about you guys. But seeing peoples faces and hearing their voices really ruins the RP for me. The more I know about the person behind the screen the less I can imagine the person I am RPing with. I don't enjoy that.

Even in TwitchRP communities I am apart of. The RP tends to dwindle into memes and you're just RPing with the same person doing a funny voice.. Interaction on this level, in my opinion, is damaging the immersion of a text RP environment.

Fairly new here myself, but I see a huge problem with having anything like that. As things are now, the seperation of IC and OCC is strong for a reason. Having our IRL persona chatting with other IRL personas would blur that line way too much.

No matter how much you would "try" to keep them seperate, it would bleed over. I get where you're coming from, but we're not meant to chat with each other like that. Our characters do that, not us as ourselves.

Also the one i was in we didnt know about each others characters and now that you mention it i can see how that would ruin it.

Bumping. We do not support players using discord to talk to each other.

Please stay away from this. The temptation to meta game is too strong. It's too easy to give away IC info you don't even realize is IC when talking outloud.

Meta gaming, talking about IC events, and even OOCly talking about game mechanics is against the rules and we have banned people in the past for this.

Don't be one of those people. Use OOC chat.

I'd like to add that it's a bad idea even after you've quit. You still know info that might be relevant to current players. And you might choose to return. It's best to just not do it.