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Do you cycle?
Show your wheels

I enjoy cycling. I had a crappy avalanche reflex thats older than my sister. It probably had about two months life left in it since I was planning on riding it into the ground since repairing it wouldn't be worth costs.

Then I got saw this DH MTB for a steal and it was recently my birthday so I got it.

I also almost just died on it because of some idiot drag racers. I owe my life to hydraulic brakes.

I want to see what you ride, old or new, banged up or sexy.

Here's my old avalanche.

It's a good thing you asked if we Cycle because if you had asked if we Bike, then I'd be thinking of sharing my motorcycle.


I don't cycle though I can eventually when I get a bike(cycle). Seems no matter where you are, there's somewhere that's good for riding bicycles.

Cannondale F400, cross country bike that has good geometry, all around solid bike. I haul ass on it and give the roadies with kit and gear a run for their money.

I cycle almost daily back and forth from work! It's been one of the best decisions I ever made to do that rather than take the bus. I save money and I get fit... And muddy, and wet... But I don't care!

My bike in all it's muddy glory.

Uhhh... That came out much much bigger than intended. Sorry folks

Sweet ride man! Sometimes I wish I had mudguards myself for when the rain is spinning up into my face, yuck.

@Hailfire :)

One word - Irfanview.

This is a really good viewer and you can edit the picture:

* decreasing or increasing the size

* sharpening the pic

* saving in other forms (gif, jpeg, etc)

* etc etc etc