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Donate without IC benefits?

Got a question that isn't covered in the FAQ. (

Is there a way to donate without IC benefits? Do I just use the same membership form? (

you don't have to use the membership pad if you don't want to
There's nothing stopping you from just not getting a membership pad, yeah.
There's nothing stopping you from just not getting a membership pad, yeah.
When I asked about this, they said you absolutely can, you would be credited with club membership for that time without claiming the associated benefits.

From what I know this is still the policy. But one of the GM's may have to pipe up to answer this one.

Also not technically a donation, but a membership due, but we all make the mistake of that working.

Thank you!

Can I do this multiple times before my dues are...due?

nothing stopping you from donating multiple times either, it'd just extend your 'membership'
Maybe? It'd probably extend your membership by a long bit if you did.
Just make sure you tell them to send the extra membership pad to me, that's super important. I wanna be a greasy landlord!

Because our current setup, we can only accept payments in the form of membership dues/sponsorship payments. As other players have listed above you can pay for a membership and simply not claim your pad. Just make sure to xhelp to let us know if you're doing this so we don't wonder what's going on.


Thanks Glitch! I've made two payments so far and it looks like it doesn't break anything. All it does is extend my membership due date, lol.