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Drawing Withmore City

Hey all,

The other day, I was screwing around on some paper, and ended up drawing my character and the Drome and New Rose Hotel in Red. I was wondering, if A) it would be okay for me to get descriptions of In game characters to draw

, and B) if I could publish these somewhere (like a blog, or maybe on these boards). I'd be up for it, if anyone else is. Also, has anyone made any 3d model of Withmore city? Say, Minecraft or Lego or anything? I'm game to try that too.



Go have a browse on the Sindome Facebook account. A very talented artist has drawn several in game characters already.

I think everyone would be happy for you to draw if you wanted to. Just get the permissions of the player first perhaps.

I have drawn my old char, it isn't great either....

Yea. I'm not amazing, I'm just wanting to let my mind flow. I imagine this world amazingly, more vivid than anything I've ever experienced. You guys have done a great job. Anyone here on minecraft?

There's also a 'people of Sindome' board post where another player put up a few drawings.

My profile picture is the one I've drawn so far