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Elevator in TSX Motorsports
How the fuck do I get into it?

I tried opening, pressing buttons, and even using the 'call' feature like 'say open' or 'say 3 (floor number).' None of my attempts are recognized by the game.

Are the codes broken or do is there something that I miss?

Oh and there was this message too: Try calling the elevator chummer. What the hell does it mean?

Tried inquiring the problem to xhelp, but so far at the time of this posting, Member Johnny, who is the only person monitoring the xhelp system, did not respond.

call elevator
Did you make sure to offer up a sacrifice before carving the needed runes into your arm in order to summon the elevator?
Have you tried bribing it with offers of candy and joy? That usually helps things go up.
'to elevator Hey chummer, can you open up?'
@Vera tried saying...and....that's it? Just call elevator and it opens?

Thank you so much, but god just, slam me against the wall and stick my dick in an anthill. I just wasted minutes not knowing that simple command.

Again, thank you.

Use 'ex here' or 'examine here' a lot. Examine everything. Places, objects, people.
Perhaps someone needs to add 'help elevator' and when a newbie types that in, it just says 'Type 'call elevator', baka.'
So erm...what happens if I still try to ask Mr Richard for another delivery, now that I thrown the crate out of tiredness before I can even deliver?

Will he give me a new one or I would be blacklisted?

You can find out in game by asking them for another crate!
Why don't you try doing that and seeing what the result is? Then you can deal with it ICly.