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Falliut NV Build
For those EW fans.

New Vegas Energy Weapons Build

Plasma Storm Trooper

By IssacFrost

This build is effective in Very Hard: Hardcore

Description: This is a build that works extremely well in real time but shines best in VATS.


S 4

P 5

E 8

C 1

I 8

A 6

L 8

After Implants

S 7 (T-51b set, OWB Spineless)

P 6


C 2 (T-51b Set)

I 9

A 8

L 10

Note: I assume the person has all four DLC and therefore can reach level 50.



2 Intensive Training (Luck)

4 Educated

6 Comprehension

8 Vigilant Recycler

10 Toughness (1)

12 Finesse

14 Bloody Mess

16 Toughness (2)

18 Weapon Handling

20 Better Criticals

22 Grim Reaper's Sprint

24 Plasma Spaz/Laser Commander

26 Math Wrath

28 Nerves of Steel

30 Action Boy (1)

32 Concentrated Fire

34 Action Boy (2)

36 Implant GRX (1)

38 Implant GRX (2)

40 Chemist

42 Them's Good Eating

44 Chem Resistant

46 Living Anatomy

48 Jury Rigging

50 Ain't Like That Now

Perk Choices

There isn't much to say about the Perks that a player shouldn't know. The choices are made however to quickly become a force to reckon with. This build is very VATS intensive and you must know how to control the flow of battle with VATS. But it is also a real time build that does amazingly well more so when Implant GRX lasts a whopping 3 min 45 sec approximately.


Energy Weapons and two more skills then when approaching Jenny Sky Diving respec for Science, Lockpick, Speech


Small Frame for Agility +1. The tradeoff to this Trait is that you will take 25% more limb damage which translates to getting crippled much more easily. Your best option is to get into PA as quickly as possible and to stock up on Doctor's Bag. The good news is that with a Medicine of 40 and Forceps, Medical Braces, Scalpels and Surgical Tubing you can craft Doctor's Bags via Veronica or if you have Broc Flower, Cave Fungus, Nevada Agarre Fruit and Xander Root make Healing Poultices which also restores limbs. Also with the Tough Guy challenge perk this drawback is cut down to 5%.

Built to Destroy for 3% critical chance with the tradeoff of having a 15% increased weapon degradation. Due to access to the "free" full repairs of people such as Paladin Sato, Mayor Knight and even Raul whom can fix your gear and then you can pickpocket your caps back this tradeoff is negligible. With a Repair of 50 you can craft and stock up on Weapon Repair Kits through Veronica and I suggest you save up on every Scrap Metal, Scrap Electronic, Wonderglue, Duct Tape and Wrench you can get a hold off. Furthermore ED-E with the Perk Camarader-E can fix weapons.

Skill Points

You want Energy Weapons at 100 and the rest base 80. You can easily match 100 for any check with magazines. Or if you want you can grab some skill books and raise them higher but 80 works just fine for me.

Challenge Perks

Challenge Perks you want are:

Lord Death R3 +4%

Abominable R3 +10%

Animal Control R3 +10%

Bug Stomper R3 +10%

Mutant Massacrer R3 +10%

Set Lasers for Fun R2 +4%

Day Tripper +33% Duration

Tough Guy +20% harder to cripple

Special Perks


Elijah's Ramblings- +150% Critical Damage with melee weapons.


Brainless- +25% resistant to Addiction. Head can no longer be crippled.

Heartless- Immunity to poisons. +25% from Healing Chems.

Spineless- Strength +1. DT +1. Torso can no longer be crippled.

Note: The DT bonus is bugged for both perks making Brainless the superior choice. The -50% critical from robots given by Heartless is negligible as Ain't Like That Now makes you immune to criticals. Spineless is the only thing you will need to use Str 8 weapons with any armor set not just T-51b. I prefer using T-51b set though.


The Bear Slayer/Dead Man's Burden/Divide Survivor/Scourge of the East- +1 SPECIAL Point. Kind of like Intensive Training for free. I tend to put it in Endurance.

Critical Chance

A person using 10 LK (10%), Finesse (5%), Built to Destroy (3%), Set Lasers for Fun R2 (4%), VATS (5%) and boosted with True Police Stories using Comprehension (10%) would have a natural crit rate of 37%.

A person using that same setup with Lasers and Laser commander have a natural crit rate of 47%.

The Energy Weapons

A EW Specialist can be as deadly efficient as a Guns Specialist. Here are some solid EW Options:

Q-35 Matter Modulator

Plasma Defender GRA

Plasma Pistol GRA

Pew Pew

Laser Rifle+

Laser RCW

MF Hyperbreeder Alpha GRA

Plasma Caster+

Smitty Special GRA

Gattling Laser+

Sprtel-Wood 9700 GRA

Tri-Beam Laser Rifle GRA

Multiplas Rifle


Any other EW that strikes your fancy that I may not have mentioned here because there are too many.

My weapons of choices are usually:

The Smitty Special- With this build it goes up to 5 VATS actions. That's 15 shots.

Multiplas Rifle- With this build accuracy does not suffer due to Concentrated Fire and gets four shots. More than enough to kill most enemies. I also tend to use it a lot out of vats aiming down the scope and can pick enemies at longer ranges then expected.

YCS/186- This is my Sniper weapon of choice. With ED-E and the range on this beast it is all to easy to get critical sneak shots in, which usually destroys the enemy completely.

Ammo Option

The best option is offered by the GRA DLC and Vigilant Recycler Perk:

Optimized- It deals 30% more damage then normal. Only deteriorates equipment by 10% and reduces -5 DT of the target. It also weighs a lot less. This makes it the best option as you also have a higher chance to recycle more Microfusion Cells.


Veronica, E-DE

I really love having these two as companions.

E-DE is an amazing pack mule surprisingly being able to lug around with a lot of gear. For this reason I tend to have it storing all the equipment, ammo and miscellaneous based items. His Enhanced Sensors perk is great as it allows you to ambush your enemies via sniping. If you have Lonesome Road DLC you can get ED-E's Camareder-E perk which greatly improves ED-E and your character. You get by ranks: Repair, Create ECP or MFC, boosted DT, damage bonus with laser weapons and VATS attack bonus. With the Lonesome Road DLC he also acts like a workbench.

Veronica is an unarmed expert. With Bonds of Steel and Remnants Armor set she gains +40DT. Always make sure she is armed with the Ballistic Fist, which is a non unique weapon, and she becomes a powerful ally. Overall Veronica is your BEST melee/unarmed oriented character. Her Scribe Assistant perk means you have access to a workbench 24/7 and this is quite useful. Overall the most powerful thing about Veronica is she can tank better than you can with less DT then you as well. She can also make short quick of enemies. Make sure she always has a Ballistic Fist for extraordinary DPS. The other two perks from Dead Money are useless for Veronica. Pass them up.

A short starting guide:

-Do the New Vegas Medical Clinic Run from Haervon's FAQ

-During the run make sure you get Veronica at the 188 Trading Post.

-Get banned from gambling in Atomic Wrangler. First max bet on BlackJack and reload if you lose. Rack up some wins at least nine. Then save the game and start playing the slots on max bet until you hit the jackpot of three oranges. Reload if you see you have lost and repeat until you get it.

-Go buy the following Implants:

+1 IN Implant

+1 LK Implant

-Steal all weapons from Silver Rush by using the Left Trigger click and carrying them to the bathroom. Drop them there and repeat. When you have everything close the door and pick everything up. Transfer as much as you can to Veronica.

-Go to Gun Runners or Mick and Ralph's and sell some of the stuff you don't need. Keep the Plasma Caster and Multiplas Rifle and any other weapon that strikes your fancy.

-Accept the guard job and let the fourth man in without patting hin down. Then wait for the explosion and Simon to rush in. Once Simon rushes in go inside and talk to Simon then kill him. Now loot all the Van Graff corpses and on your way out kill the Silver Rush Crier then sell all you can.

-Show your 2000 credit and enter New Vegas, you may want to go to Lucky 38 and 'accept' to work for House to get access to the Presidential Suite but this is purely optional. Although I recommend it to stash anything else you don't need to carry at the moment. As well as take care of SLP and H2O by sleeping and drinking water from the bathroom sink.

-Get banned from gambling at Gomorrah just as you did in Atomic Wrangler by trying to win slowly until you build up for the jackpot that way you can reap the house rewards.

-Get banned from gambling at Tops just as you did in Atomic Wrangler but this time try to win slowly until you build up for the jackpot that way you can reap the house rewards.

-Buy the following implants:

+1 AG Implant

+4 DT Subdermal Armor

+1 Health/10 seconds Regeneration

-Return to Gun Runners. You should still have enough money to buy the Combat Armor Reinforced Mark II Set.

-Make sure you have Reinforced Combat Armor MK II Set and that Veronica is wearing the Reinforced Combat Armor you won at Gomorrah. At the Tops confront Benny and let him convince you to use the Suite. Go up there and he is going to tell you via intercom that he isn't showing up. Kill the thugs by using the pool cues. This should trigger Wild Card: Ace in the Hole. Go check Benny's room to find Yes Man.

-Talk to Yes Man and use up all the dialogue. He should give you map markers to the minor factions and you should level up twice when you are done. Also one of the map markers is Hidden Valley.

-Buy the remaining Implants:

+1 ST Implant

+1 PE Implant

+1 EN Implant

-Make sure you have Multiplas Rifle and a Plasma Rifle, preferably modded, as well as MFC Opt. Fast travel to Jean Sky Diving then go straight to Hidden Valley and start the quest for the Elder McNaran but first help Hardin find the information he needs to overthrow the Elder.

-Perform the quest and then report the holotapes to Hardin. Wait three days then after that talk to him again and tell him you want to join the Brotherhood of Steel and he will accept and give you the task to kill the Van Graff. Wait a bit and talk to him again and an option appears where you let him know you took care of the Van Graff. He will give you a T-45d set and Power Armor Training. You will also would have gotten access to the Brotherhood Safehouse as a way of thanks for helping him become the elder.

Note: During the quest McNaran gives you, you have to go to Repconn. Make sure to get the Q-35 as it is a "better" upgrade to your Plasma Rifle+, firing at fast speeds, doing slightly more damage and using up only one Microfusion cells. Along with Plasma Defender+ GRA this are the most reliable weapons until you can wield The Smitty Special.

Accessing the weapon without 100 in Science or 100 Lockpick:.

Floor 1

Take the tour. The tour guide will open the room to the planetarium (average locked door if you do not like the Long tour or the robot is dead) and go to the room back in the left. Walk upstairs and there is a key card for the main floor.

Go back to the entrance and enter the room at the right (4 dead fiends in front of it) and walk up the stairs. Go to Floor 2.

Floor 2

In the room on the left is an easy terminal to add facial data recognition (optional if you have the key card). At the southwest corner of the 2nd floor is a staircase which will guide you to Floor 3.

Floor 3

There is a Mr. Handy who asks for the password, with luck 7 you can say Ice Cream. Otherwise you have 30 seconds to find the next key card (see below) before an alarm sounds, all the Mr. Handys turn hostile, and hostile heavy combat bots appear from hidden compartments in the walls. Where the roof collapsed there are lying 2 Brotherhood Paladins (holotape for accessing Hidden Valley) and next to the collapsed roof at the other side (go all the way around) is a skeleton with a briefcase with 200 Pre war money and key card for Floor 3.

Back to Floor 2

Get to floor 2 again and find the door for floor 1 access (not the main door).

Back to Floor 1

Use the keycard on the door and in the next room (where the floor has collapsed) walk in to it and in the right corner you see the Q-35 matter modulator!

If you can't find the correct door on the 2nd door, you can also unlock the very hard door on the main floor now with the key card to enter the same room.

If you do not meet some of the stat/skill requirements mentioned above, you can simply kill all the hostile robots.

If the gun is not there make sure to check your companions inventory as they may have taken it before you get to it.

-Go to the Quartermaster in Hidden Valley and buy the T-51b set, repair with the Brotherhood T-51b armor you got from the Elder's quest. Do not use the Brotherhood T-51b as it makes NCR hostile to you. Give Veronica the T-45d set and buy her Ballistic Fist if available. Sell whatever you don't need like the Plasma Rifle+ since the Q-35 is better.

-Go to Brooks Tumbleweed Ranch, which is close to a double road that heads northwest from the Strip. Once you arrive at the Ranch head east of it and go up the hill and you should find a mercenary camp. The leader is carrying the YCS so use the Multiplas for quick carnage and get the YCS. This is going to be your main sniping weapon.

-Head to the Brotherhood Safehouse but be careful as you may encounter some Young Deathclaws. Snipe them with the YCS. Once in the Safehouse talk to Paladin Sato so he can repair everything you can at 100% condition. Then steal the caps back from Paladin Sato, keep trying until you get them back. Finish repairs and re steal the caps again. You might have to wait a few days for him to appear. Use the cot to sleep and drink from the water fountain but make sure you have food with you.

- Go back to Good Springs and do the quests you where supposed to do a long time ago. First do the full tutorial and then kill Cobbs and side with Good Springs during the Ringo storyline. Talking to Sunny or Trudy will let you learn about Primm. Get the parts necessary to repair E-DE: 3 Scrap Metals, 2 Sensor Module and 1 Scrap Electronics.

-Once you have these items head over to Primm enter the Mojave Express at your right and look at E-DE then go to the Vicky and Vance Casino and talk to John Nash about E-DE. Go repair E-DE and gain it's Enhanced Sensors perks which is invaluable to ambush enemies or snipe them. Also E-DE is an excellent pack mule. Have him carry most of your weight affecting gear and miscellaneous but try not to give him any aid supplies as he may end up attacking non hostile NPC.

-Since you are in Primm do any quests related to it. Once you can head over to the NCR Correctional Facility head there and kill all the convicts. Talk to Meyers but tell him you will think about his proposition. I suggest you reverse pickpocket a Combat Armor Reinforced then accept his deal.

- Travel to the Mojave Outpost and kill all the creatures and enemies you can to rack up experience. Then at the Mojave talk to Mayor Knight then get your weapons and armor repaired. Pickpocket back the caps and go talk to Ranger Jackson and take his quest, then talk to Ranger Ghost and take her quest as this will help you gain some much needed experience.

-If you have a Speech of 50 travel to Black Mountain and talk to the friendly mutant Neil and convince him to join forces with you. Proceed up Black Mountain and kill Super Mutants. You will be coming here often to grind for Caps so know the layout of the area quickly.

-Carry out the Caesar quest so you can have access to Fortification Hill on friendlier terms. Talk to Caesar and act as you are going to do what he wants and he will give you the Platinum Chip. Talk to Benny on your way out and learn all you can.

-Go to the bunker area near Caesar's Tent: Weather Monitoring Station. You'll get your equipment. Head on inside and do what House tells you and upgrade the Securitrons. Return to Caesar then kill Benny and loot him. Talk to Caesar again and act as if you will do what he wants.

-By now Veronica should have triggered her quest and I suggest you go do it. At its conclusion tell her to stay so she can gain Bonds of Steel if she gets stuck go visit Gibson's Shack re download the information, talk to her use the option that you completed the quest then sneak. If you go into Sneak and she sneaks she is following you again.

-Go for the Pulse Gun quest for Veronica as it is good experience and because it is a great weapon against robots and people wearing PA. Stock up on Radaway and Rad-X because the Vault you are headed to is irradiated.

- (Optional for Euclid C Finder) Do the Lucky Old Sun quest and route power to Archimides II and buy the Euclid C Finder from Max at East Freeside.

-Make sure you are stocked up on MFC Opt. and you are at least level 18 with an EW skill of 100 and that you have The Smitty Special, Multiplas Rifle and YCS/186. The Plasma Defender+ GRA and Q-35 is more of a cheap reliable "sidearm" for the weaker enemies. Head to Silver Pike Mine and obtain the Remnants Helmet, be wary as you will be going up against Cazadores. My advice is set up your partners on aggressive and to wait a little bit off where the Cazadores are then YCS snipe if you can when they start to approach let it rip with the Plasma Caster+ and once they are close VATS and aim for one of their wings, crippling their speed, while leading them towards your companion's ambush. Alternatively once they are close enough to VATS straight to the head with the Multiplas Rifle. Silver Pike Mine is home to the Legendary Cazador so take it slow, slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Go to the Safehouse and get the Remnant Helmet repaired and hold on to it.

- For the next part make sure you are stocked up on a LOT of MFC Opt. You are going up a buttload of Deathclaws so my advice is that to be at least level 18 with a 100 in EW, and you have brought The Smitty Special, Multiplas Rifle and YCS/186.

-Travel sort of north east from Cottonwood Cove until you find the Cliffside Prospector Camp then head east. From here make it to the water by hugging the cliff and cross to the other side. Be wary of Lakelurkers.

-At the other side, you should time wait to get your partners and have them stay in a safe area. Clear the first area of Deathclaw by YCS sniping and if they discover you let then meet your Plasma Caster+ if they make it close VATS and aim at one of their legs to cripple them, after the Plasma Caster+ should make short work of them. If they get close you can backtrack towards the water. The Deathclaws will not go into the water and you can clear the area by using this tactic.

-Once the first area is clear, very slowly approach the southern eastern area making use of cliffs and cover to snipe at the Deathclaws from a safe range. A safe range being that when you sneak critical one and go into Caution they cannot detect you, reload if this doesn't happen and find a better sniping position. You can then proceed to snipe or wait until returning to hidden status to sneak critical. Once you have cleared ALL the Deathclaws (they don't respawn) search the south eastern area for two dead prospectors one of them has the Remnant Armor which is what you really came for. Loot the corpses, Deathclaws and get the eggs in the south eastern most areas.

-Then, if overloaded, walk slowly back to your companions. Spread the loot so you can fast travel to the Safehouse and get the Remnants Armor repaired. Give the Remnant set to Veronica, which along with Bonds of Steel should have 40 DT.

-Gather all the books and proceed with the game as you wish.

Locations of Books

Name: Closest map marker- Location description

*Big Book: Nipton Hall- One on the desk in Mayor Joseph B. Steyn's office on the top floor.

*Big Book: Brewer's Beer Bootlegging- In the cellar all the way in the back room with the sign, on a table to your left.

*Big Book: Camp Forlorn Hope- In the Command Center, in the far right corner, on the desk.

*Big Book: REPCONN Headquarters- Located on the first floor through the door next to the radioactive barrel display. There is another door behind the counter you must pick (HARD difficulty) and the book is located on a shelf past the door.

Big Book: HELIOS One- Reward for distributing power through the network during That Lucky Old Sun

*Chinese: Goodsprings- In the Goodsprings Home East from the Schoolhouse, on a bookshelf.

*Chinese: Vault 3- Living Quarters, right after you come down the stairs from the recreation area. Through the 50 Lock/Security door. Turn right on the 2nd shelf.

*Chinese: NCR Sharecropper Farms- On some papers, by the corner desk inside the Sharecropper Barracks near the four water towers in the NE of the fenced in area.

*Chinese: Camp Searchlight- In the East Chapel, down in the Gecko-filled basement, on the floor at the foot of some metal shelves.

DC Journal: Followers Safehouse- In the bedside table, in the second room.

DC Journal: Mesquite Mountains Crater- Inside Hell's Motel, below the globe with a hat, on the table with the radio and repair kit.

DC Journal: HELIOS One- On the bed with the pillow, in the room with the holotape password. Very top floor, accessed via the planks in the room with the holes in the floor.

DC Journal: Novac- In the middle of the queen-sized bed, inside Ranger Andy's bungalow.

*Dean's: Sloan- In the barracks, on the shelf to your left as you enter.

*Dean's: Nellis Air Force Base- Inside Loyal's house, on the long counter next to the ruined terminal.

*Dean's: Southern Nevada Wind Farm- In the shack, on the table with the clipboard and scrap metal.

*Dean's: Abandoned BoS Bunker (Not accessible until Dead Money is completed)- On the metal sill, opposite the Reloading Bench, in the area with the office.

Duck: Sloan - Inside Worker Barracks, back left shelf under a first aid box

Duck: Nellis Air Force Base- Among the neat books on the shelf, above the grenade rifle, inside Mother Pearl's Barracks.

Duck: Mojave Outpost- Inside the Mojave Outpost Barracks, on the bottom shelf, in the middle, below the bar counter.

Duck: Ranger Station Foxtrot- On the table next to Comm Officer Lenk. There are actually two books on the table, one immediately under the other.

Grognak: Jacobstown- Lying next to the oven, in the east bungalow near the pond.

Grognak: Cannibal Johnson's- Cave On the mattress near the radio, close to the fire

Grognak: Hidden Supply Cave- Resting on one of the large metal crates, in the cave.

Grognak: Cottonwood Cove- Inside the HQ building, upper floor, on the shelf next to the bed.

Guns: Raul's Shack- Inside Raul's Shack, in the wooden crate next to the door.

Guns: Nevada Highway Patrol Station- Found on one of the desks.

Guns: Gomorrah- In Big Sal's office, up the stairs from the main level of Brimstone. It is on the first low bookshelf on the left as you walk in.

*Guns: Vault 34- On the small metal table between the sofas by the pool table, in the Armory Common room.

*Lying: Lucky Jim Mine- Inside the Lucky Jim Mine house.

*Lying: Brooks Tumbleweed Ranch- On an open locker shelf, in the upstairs room with the chessboard.

*Lying: Cerulean Robotics- On the floor among the office desks.

*Lying: NCRCF- Second floor of the Administration Building, on a desk.

*Nikola: REPCONN Headquarters- 2nd Floor, turn left, first door. On the desk with the lit computer

*Nikola: REPCONN Headquarters- 1st Floor, past the 100 Lock/Security door. (Or sneak up to the 3rd floor and get the key from the suitcase next to the skeleton). On top of the safe.

*Nikola: Hidden Valley- In the white plastic bin by the desk in Schuler's office. Bunker L1, west of the central hub corridor junction.

*Nikola: Old Nuclear Test Site- On the small table opposite the entrance, inside the irradiated shack.

Pugilism: Nipton Road Reststop- Inside the store lying on a shelf on the south wall in the middle of the room.

Pugilism: The Tops- Inside the Presidential suite in the Tops casino. Inside Pool Room on tiny table in the corner.

Pugilism: Fisherman's Pride Shack- On the bedside table inside the shack.

Pugilism: Vault 11- Inside the living quarters, in female dorm #1, by the fallen dresser.

*Tales: Vault 22- In the lab room (up the stairs from the elevator) in Pest Control, on the table with the bubbling vials.

*Tales: Allied Technologies Offices- In the largest room(west) on the floor in front of the Nuka-Cola Machine.

*Tales: Cap Counterfeiting Shack- On the suitcase by the bed, in the small back cellar room.

*Tales: Primm- Inside the Bison Steve Hotel, behind the counter of the gift shop

*Wasteland: Scavenger Platform- Among the books under the fallen metal bookshelf, on the northern platform section

Wasteland: Lone Wolf Radio- Inside the radio trailer, near the mattress

Wasteland: Mesquite Mountains Camp Site- Inside the western tent, behind the bedding and toolbox. May clip into the ground, 3rd person POV can help aquire.

Wasteland: Matthews Animal Husbandry Farm- Top balcony of the northern barn, near the barrel crate.

*Tumblers: Silver Peak Mine- Inside the shack, behind the two small tables, on the ground in an open locker, right of the entrance.

*Tumblers: Bitter Springs Recreation Area- Inside the office shack to the west, on the desk in the smaller of the two rooms.

Tumblers: The Prospector's Den- Inside the caves, in the subterranean Den structure, in the large barracks room, on the floor in the far right corner.

*Tumblers: Wolfhorn Ranch- Inside the farmhouse, partially under the fridge without door.

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