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An awesome cyberpunk book!

So, I'm not sure if I've posted about this book before, but Flashpoint by Frank Creed is an awesome book.

It's definitely cyberpunk and the slang the characters use reminds me of Sindome a LOT.

If you can find this book at the store or online, I would definitely pick it up.

Plus, the author is a really cool guy.  I friend requested him on Facebook via his website, and he actually posted on my wall.  Definitely worth supporting.

When you read Frank Creed's fiction, you get:
* Biblical world-view presuppositions injected directly into your intellect. Be inspired to live your life with your faith;

Wut, wut?

So, before I dip into this recommendation, how preachy does it read, cuz a quick dip into his website and "Fundamentalist Christian Cyberpunk" vibe puts me right off.

(Edited by Rastus2 at 4:01 pm on July 17, 2010)

It doesn't get very preachy.