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Former CyberSphere Player

Title says most of it. I'm a former CyberSphere player looking to dip back into the sweet sweet cyberpunk soup. I heard Sindome was a spinoff of CS and figured I would poke my head around. Can anyone give me an idea of the differences (if any) between CS and Sindome?
From what I've seen (though admittedly, I've played CS much less), there's a vast number of differences that can be listed -- Sindome is really stand-alone. Where CyberSphere possesses a more cyber-grunge feel, Sindome extends beyond that; the code is more robust (though there are some CS commands/conventions I like more), there's a bit more player-driven story (not that it can be helped, CS just doesn't have the same numbers), and it's harder to live comfortably in Sindome without engaging in RP to find opportunities to earn that sweet, sweet chyen.

I had a big Pro/Con list at one point after someone came to CS and started complaining it wasn't as good as Sindome, but I've managed to lose it somewhere. The easiest way to find the differences is really more to play; basically, it just feels different when you play it, in the long-run.

Hope to see you on-grid in the future!

Sindome already seems to have a bonus that it appears to be much easier to get an account/character, so I will certainly give it a try!
Oh also... one of my favorite parts of CS was the simply massive wasteland that people rarely explored (but I loved exploring and mapping) I gave the Sindome timeline a glance but it doesn't appear the good ol US of A was nuked, thus there is no wasteland, correct?
The Wasteland is out there. I would not recommend exploring it until you're a bit more savvy and properly equipped though.
It's not (necessarily) a nuclear wasteland, I picture it more as the inevitable climate holocaust. Tectonic too - Withmore Dome is not far from the now-underwater former Southern California megalopolistic sprawl. But it's Badlands out there and it's big and fun and bad.

Anyway, I haven't played CyberSphere but based on what I have heard, both about its current state and about the Sindome origins back when the split happened, Sindome is very very much about roleplaying in-character and CyberSphere is much less so. Second hand impression, not first hand knowledge.

One last thought: What you're referring to as "spin-off" refers to something that happened more than 18 years ago. Things have to have diverged greatly since then.

The Lore and Wiki parts of the Sindome website can give you lots of peek into the IC history and culture. The fact that specific details about game mechanics, gear attributes, and commands for exercising specific skills are not present on the website should show you that Sindome is immersive and the way to learn those things is through actually playing.

I've seen CyberSphere's website and they give away tons of information which we here would expect players to learn ICly. We also have a rule against sharing IC information in any OOC way, which also is contrary to what I've seen in CyberSphere's forums: The posting of roleplaying logs.

I have played both for some time. And what I can say for certain is . Most people do not like the decking system of Sindome, but CS has a terrible disregard for roleplay. Also in CS within a week you become a mass force and be able to take out a lot of people quickly. You are instantly scarey, and chrome is cheap. So you feel like you're making progress much faster. Sindome doesn't have that, but it's more focused on roleplay and the chances of someone ganking you with in the first three days is a lot lower. I personally like Sindome more. But if you plan on playing a decker, know that it's going to be stunningly unimpressive at the moment. Though there's talk of a lot more things happening for techie characters soon.
Lore and Timeline, I meant to say.
Spin off of CS? No I don't feel it's anywhere close to CS. Sindome > CS times a lot of > (Just don't want to post all the > I would have to make) I'll come back when I have more time to read over the posts. But I assure you Sindome is like a triple A title and CyberSphere is like maybe a B movie.
As I understand it, some of the early developers/founders/whatever of SD were involved with CS for a time, but decided to part way and start SD, with a much greater focus on RP. I didn't play CS for long, mostly because the closest thing to RP I came across were a couple characters trying to rob me within my first hour in the game.
Newbs21 it is true deckers are a bit off. I mean compared to the brutal raw power they have in CS. And yes I hope that changes to be more in line with the brutal shit NetRunners can do in Cyberpunk 2020 and Version 3.0. But I love decking very much. It feels like coding which I also love. So takes a programmer (Oh snap I revealed most of my RL job!) to really appreciate the fine art of decking in Sindome. Sindome still > Cybersphere. And you don't get ganked because people put RP furst rather then brutal OMG LET'S PWN RHIS NOOB/SCRUB LOL TROLLZ.
I've never 'missed' decking.

I still finding new things to do every single time I walk outside. There's literally so much code, and so many different characters to RP with. Every time I think I'm starting to get a hang of things, someone shows me a whole new location to explore, a whole new dynamic to try out, a new situation that will push the limits of my imagination and challenge me with new way to deal with the ever changing shit-storm of happening around me. If you're really missing decking, it's because you're not focused enough on the million other things you can do.

I AM not missing decking, but I love techie characters and I love gear. CS was the one place that I felt like a net runner more so than on SD. I personally don't mind either way. I was never good at either to be honest. But that is one major complaint I've heard. I personally think there's a lot of other things that Sindome has going for it.
There are many things I love about SD. It's truly awesome to see how it's grown sine I started playing some 13 years ago. Now, I haven't played a decker/techie type in a long time, but even I will agree, I would love to see more uses for that skillset pushed up the list, if they haven't already. That's just my 2 chyen.