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Gary Husklar and Genetek
The Under-Appreciated Madmen

Something that I think goes criminally under-appreciated due to them not being a roleplay corp is the utter insanity of Genetek. The sort of stuff that Genetek has gotten into, and undertaken, is just bonkers. From calling for the execution of 1.5 million clone kids in court, to creating a genetically modified clone army to tangle with the Russian mob, to creating a clone of their still-living CEO Gary Husklar just for funsies, they are just balls-to-the-wall. I like to imagine that Gary Husklar is like a darker, more evil, Cave Johnson. It is also my headcanon that he didn't have just the one clone that got executed afterwards. Gary Husklar is not the type of man to just clone himself once, if he was going to clone himself. Who knows how many Gary Husklars there are walking around today.
Also to be played by J.K. Simmons in the Sindome movie.
What I found fantastic was how Sindome's timeline is not far off our own. We're getting talk of global warming being close to irreversible, and human cloning coming out of China, and we're less than 8 months away from...

2020.1 Jenna becomes spokeswoman for Genetek Revival, a small upstart of a company offering new chances to its clients through cloning replication. Instantly, religious fundamentalists scream for laws and sanctions against clone technology.

Jack Anderson is a peasant next to Gary Husklar.