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Giant Chewy Nerds
my newest addiction

  Ok, so... I have discovered this wonderful new treat recently and felt that I should share my newest addiction with compatriates from one of my other addictions.

 To preface a little bit, my mother is a manager at this chain of dollar stores, and she often brings me over any number of insanely silly things that she feels I will enjoy. I have had quite a few laughs solely because of this job that she has. You should see the Christmas stockings at her house, you'd think I was a child still, but nonetheless, there are the frequent gems hidden in the piles of mostly useless trinkets she brings me. That brings us to my newest discovery.

  Freakin Giant Chewy Nerds candies.....
 they're tasty, they're crunchy, they're chewy, they're colorful, and they're jampacked with sugar to fuel long nights of Sindoming.

  Anyone who is a fan of Nerds would love them, they capture the original candy's flavor and crunch in the bumpy hard shell, but the inside is like a jellybean, soft and chewy, and absolutely delicious.

  I have no idea where you would find them, other than at Dollar Tree stores, which is where she works, but I'm sure they can be found by anyone who looks hard enough. It's up to you to decide if it's worth the hunt, but my advice is to at least try them, if indeed you are a sweet-toothed bastard like myself then I promise you'll love them.

  I apologize to any who find this post to be completely frivolous, but honestly, I couldn't resist telling you all. No matter how stupid it may be.

 So, go now, and enjoy the sweet morsels of textural contradiction. mmmmmmmm tasty!!

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