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Good Bye Threads
Say Good Bye To Them & Responses

Hey Everyone -

Goodbye Threads

Good bye threads are poor form. They will be deleted from now on. If you have feedback for the admin on your way out of the game, please feel free to email it to [email protected] or simply leave the feedback on the BGBB in a thread or threads that isn't ostensibly about you leaving.

Responding to Goodbye Threads

If someone decides to post a goodbye thread. Just don't respond to it. Especially don't respond by being a jerk. People who don't play the game tend to read these and it doesn't cast the community in a great light when there are flame wars going on.

I will continue to ban people from the BGBB for being jerks and not acting or responding in good faith.


With respect to the most recent thread, I copied the feedback that was provided by the player and emailed it to [email protected] so that the feedback would not be lost.

-- S