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Greetings, N00b Here
Already having a blast

I skimmed through this board a little bit but was too excited to be in-world to actually read all that in-depth, but wanted to say hello and thanks for such a neat looking, deep world!

I'm going to have to say that unlike others who've posted here about their experiences as a newbie, I've already managed to get cornered for some rp, flounder around some of the automated job stuff and even tried rolling a few drunks/sleeping folks here and there. This theme is great, the world architecture is amazing, the time taken to ensure proper atmosphere, setting, and interaction shows at every step and the people, at least the ones I've run into so far, are clearly eager to engage new faces in the world of Sindome at large.

Just wanted to say my hellos and put something up more recent than what I've seen on here regarding experiences as a newbie and the learning curve of the game and rp. I'm still flailing, of course I am, it's all brand spanking new to me and I flounder around for the 'simplest' things (like SIC stuff, oof) but I'm having a freaking blast exploring and trying to learn to play! Thanks!


For real, this takes up a lot of your time. Make sure you don't have a social life before you get really into it.

Pffft, I know characters whose players barely log in and still do very interesting things.

Flailing around as well, but I've gotten into a few situations so far and I gotta say, shit's kinda intense.

I think I'm enjoying the flailing as much as anything else, really, and it seems kind of fitting given my character's fresh out of the Badlands and just a little street rat. Glad to know I'm in good company with my floundering, hehe.

My character's a weeb who lived most of his life watching anime so I guess it's kinda fitting?

Going to necro this old newb thread. Brand new player and I just want to say the hidden tips giving UE is a good bit of design. It encourages command exploration as a way to improve your character and gets you better versed in the game. Already a good start to the learning curve right there.