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My character has a high hacking skill but I have no idea how to hack. Would that be a problem?

Not really.

This is almost the exact same problem as "My character has high pistol skill but I have no idea where he's supposed to get a gat and bullets or who he's supposed to shoot." Or the same problem as "My character has high chemical skill but I have no idea how to make drugs in the game."

The solution is to roleplay your character's way into learning how this stuff works in Withmore, and we explain the lack of OOC knowledge and the abiIity to learn it ICly as "The character might have a talent and some experience based on his @history and skill investment, but Withmore's different from wherever he came from and he needs to ask around about how you use, access or work within Withmore's particular tools, systems and society."

Thanks, sorry for any annoyance caused by the question.