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Out of boredom and the fact that I had an extra pumpkin, I started an SD pumpkin. �It got dark on me before I was finished so I'll finish it tomorrow, but here's �a glimpse at what it looks like so far.

<a href=''>SD pumpkin</a>

Mad Pun'kin Skillz - gold level skillsoft at the least
Going for the barcode takes balls man, good luck. I would've Dstroyed that thing by now. Just been a big gaping rectangle!


Awesome!!  Post more pics!

Didn't turn out awesome but is finished.  Haha.  Yea barcode was tedious.

<a href=>Here</a>

(Edited by Ramsey at 8:20 pm on Oct. 31, 2010)

Still pretty cool, doubt I could have done better...