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Which hand is the right one?

It's occasionally been relevant to determine a PC's handedness, i.e. which hand is the dominant one, despite most scenes being ambiguous and players rarely seeming to determine their positions relative to each other.

What is a left-handed PC to do? The game says they pick stuff up in the right hand by default, is this relevant? Other PCs couldn't tell the difference, and if the coded right hand is in any way superior, one would think to simply ignore the label and RP appropriately.

I'm wondering whether a command to determine a character's handedness would be helpful to the game, and also what people think about determining locations relative to other characters, although the first might be better suited to the Ideas forum.

Your position relative to other PCs is entirely an RP thing done through poses and @look_place, having a dominant hand left or right wouldn't actually change how combat is achieved since there's no way to determine coded if you're on the left or right of the person you're targeting.