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Happy New Year!

For those of you that I was not able to wish in game. Happy New Year's; friend or foe, ally or obstruction, Samaritan or terrorist, employer or employed, judge or ... Uh... Judged? Hope your 2022 is full of prosperity, family, loved ones, fulfilling work and of course shenanigans in Sindome.

Thank you to everyone here for making this a place that we enjoy being in. Win or lose, joy or sorrow, synonym or antonym... It's a great time and thank you all.

GMs thank you for all the massive changes and the insane number of puppets you do to keep the world running. Thank you for putting up with us when we get frustrated as plans crumble. Thank you for the plots and hooks that keep the world dynamic. Thanks for putting your free time into entertaining us.

Players, thank you for the best entertainment and RP I've found online. Thank you for love, anger, fun, hate, intrigue, schemes, and just chatting. I found few characters that I have not been entertained by. My only real regret is there is not enough hours in the day to RP with everyone.

Enjoy your New Years and I have huge hope for 2022. See you all in Withmore 2107!

Happy new year!