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Hasta La Vista
Sayonara, aurivour, cowabunga, etc.

Hey there! This is Curt, more likely known as Willheim, and later, Saint.

This made me a little teary-eyed at work earlier today and eventually gave me a tension headache that aspirin is only now driving off, but in the end, it's not a very difficult decision. I won't be playing Sindome any longer.

I could name any number if reasons why, from losing the spark, to needing to get more than three hours of sleep sometimes, to growing dissatisfied with things. But, in the end, that doesn't really matter.

Sindome used to be a game where, when I thought about it, I was happy, and excited for future adventures, and looking forwards to new ways my character may be shot, stabbed, betrayed and ruined. Thinking about past exploits was a fun pass-time.

Now, thinking about Sindome makes me feel angry, sad, and hopeless, and I have quite enough of that from real life. Thinking about recent events just makes me see red, not reminisce fondly.

So, this just isn't a way I want to spend my evenings any more.

I think the majority of you are great people and excellent roleplayers, and I've enjoyed the broad majority of my time here. I wish you all the best.

Should you like to contact me to play some different games together or just chat, I can be found as DMCurt on Steam, and my Skype address is Curtis Barnes. The one with the profile picture being the same little knight that I use here.

There's about 30 Curtis Barnes on Skype, none of which have the knight. Can you be more specific?

Added you on Steam, you butt.




Take care! I get what you're saying. Sometimes moments in this game can be really frustrating, sometimes depressing and other times disappointing. And which is surprising being relatively new to the game. So I took a break for a month and cooled off and started a new character. Although I still thoroughly regret ending my first character. I'm pretty happy to be back and I'm taking things slow and just playing with different approach. I can understand why you'd feel discouraged from playing. Sometimes playing this game isn't easy. I've had moments where it felt more like a chore to log in.

Sorry to see you go and maybe we'll see you again in the game! :)


Try searching for 'curtisimo5?'

I have no idea how Skype works.

By which I of course meant @MegaCop. Sorry.

Great! Now... open skype and accept my request? ;)

Hey Curt,

I'm sad to see you leave. Our IC encounters when you were played Willheim were very interesting, brutal and grim. I wonder if this sudden change of emotions was caused by their death and having to start with a new character or perhaps other factors. I suppose that was a loss of spark for you. I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

Yo bitch what the hell

You'll be missed =)

I never got to know Saint well, but I had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs with Willheim. I wish you the very best and hope doing fine. Like Kuzco said, you're missed.

I understand all too well how the theme, and other players, can kick you over and over and over again in the emotions with utterly dark and often unrelenting scenes. In the end, this is a game and hobby that's meant to be fun, not distressful.

I hope you'll take a good long breather (I've needed several of these) then come back and have fun with us.

Sorry to see you go, from our brief interactions you seemed quite experienced with the game.

I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours.

This game is a dark and gritty place, and we make the bright spots in it, which quickly fade and tarnish when we stop polishing them.

Those bright spots wouldn't be so shiny if they were not surrounded by the layers of dark and gritty surrounding them. This is cyberpunk, after all.

The dichotomy constantly facing every player is always one of continue to rage against the dying of the light, or move on to greener pastures, perhaps somewhere there the struggle is less. Sometimes leaving is the healthier choice.

But maybe, someday, you'll pick up the fight again, and come help us in the struggle.

Until then, walk safe, chummer.

Walk Safe.