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Help: Sindome Flyer
Going to PAX

I'm going to PAX East this weekend and working a few vendor booths for friends games/companies. I will have a chance to talk to many people who are into games. I would like to have some flyers on hand to hand out to interested parties.

I have no problem getting these printed out myself but I do need someone with better graphic design skills than I, to put together the one page flyer that I can take to staples and print out.

What needs to be included:

Sindome Logo (should be on FB page?)

Sindome - A free Cyberpunk text-based online roleplaying game - Since 1997

"Tagline" (pick one we use or create one)

Black and white only. One page.

Any one interested? If so, respond! If you need more info, respond or ping me on Hangouts (slither@sindome)



"You've never had the urge to kill yourself until now."

*raise hand*

I'm a graphic designer. Professional even. I have an office. It's not even in bachelor pad in the artsy downtown district above a Starbucks or anything.

I'll do it if you want.

Also you know.. I have no idea what hangouts is. I'm extremely disconnected from the OOC community apparently. xD

Hangouts is what GChat/Google Talk is called now.

Can you e-mail me so we can discuss? And would you be able to do this in the next 24 hours? So I have enough time to print it? I know, short notice.


Which booths? I'm sooooo gonna borrow a friend's dildobat so I can come bother you. ;D

Would love to see how they turn out!

Uhhh I think I sent it to the right email but I never got a reply granted it was late..

I'mma email you some things anyways