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Hoarding Money?

I have noticed that people tend to use money in a very anti-roleplay way. They spend it on clothes, biomods, and just random junk that contributes to RP in no way. What are some ways to use money in a RP way?
Pretty simple, pay people to do things for you, even if you could do them easily yourself, ESPECIALLY if you could do them easily yourself.

Pay for information, allies, friendship, etc etc. Use it on other people.

What jwiimpeney. I was a legit hoarder for the longest time, and my RP got very stagnant because of it. Once I started distributing the wealth, not only did it make RP more fun, but it gave a bunch of other player characters loads of things to do.

Pay people to say shit, do shit, collect shit, deliver shit, destroy shit, fix shit etc.

What jwimpeney said***
I disagree that money spent on biomods and clothes doesn't contribute to rp in any way. It contributes as much as you want it to contribute, and both things involve players to design.
The key to utilizing money properly is contributing to the player economy not the NPC economy. There's a myriad of ways to do that from just hiring a runner, to supporting a play run shop, or just good old fashioned bribes. If all else fails and you're just flush with chyen use it to push a full blown plot that completes an objective of yours.
People buy clothing from tailors, people get biomod from doctors. As long as they're interacting with another PC who cares?
When the staff says you shouldn't hoard money and spend it on junk such as clothes and biomods, they mean you shouldn't spend it all exclusively on yourself nor treat the game as some kind of dress-me-up game, in my opinion. It is completely fine for a corporate person to get trendy suits and spend lots of money on it, specially when they are hiring someone else to do it. It is also fine for a street-sam to dump loads of cash in a new set of armor and cyberware. In general it is not about how you spend your money but where you spend it. If you continuously promote player industries by letting your currency fluctuate across other different players by hiring their services or purchasing their goods, good. If, contrary to that, you're just waiting week after week until your bank account comes to look like a phone number, and deciding to not hire other players, but instead try to do shit by yourself you may want to reconsider how you are playing the game.

In Sindome things don't come to who can wait the longest and hoard more paychecks, but to who is willing to take risks and earn things, typically by taking them from someone else. Players who aren't fond of this playstyle will frequently see their gaming experience stagnated for a game like this. All in all, Sindome is only rewarding when you are creating roleplay for others because that will most likely reciprocate back to you and you will be involved in fun stuff. Don't think only think in terms of "how to win by achieving material wellbeing" because what is important is the means, not the goal. This is not to say you should forsake all your material goals: they are fine and actually keep plots moving around, but how do you want to get that full set of Xo3 armor? Saving paycheck after paycheck or scheming and plotting your way around it?

Admins are just trying to keep RP going. No use in just going to work, not advertising (if a tender or similar) and doing your time to get a paycheck to buy a cupboard for your apartment. Get out there, higher runners to get you fabric or gear, work with fixers, find illicit lovers or hitmen to do your bidding, plan parties, have IC get togethers both for biz and fun. Spread the wealth about and the RP flourishes.
I've yet to see biomods offer much to the RP between players other than MOOSEX and "Oh, would you look at that?" comments.

Really, it's just a way for you to stand out a bit more, it doesn't actually produce RP, and since most of the process of making them is NPC or GM based, it's not really creating much RP for other people to create them either.

Let's be real, when people say RP they mean interaction with other people. So any use of money that goes toward encouraging more interaction between more players is money well spent.

I'd regularly spend money for information, for simple jobs, and if I had excess money I'd pay out more than any reasonable person would, because paying more for things is a status symbol. It sends a message and it makes people want to do more business with you no matter what your politics are. They will begrudgingly do shit for you even if they hate your guts, and THAT is the essence of creating conflict. It always starts off as something small like that, and it builds, and all while this is going on, you're putting money in other people's hands to do stuff with and it's possible they're spending it to work against you, and that's good for them and it's good for you. You're basically funding your own rivalry and a return on your RP investment.

That's the role play people are talking about.

I don't think there's anything wrong with spending money on clothes, biomods and other "ephemerals" if they enhance your enjoyment of the game. There are obviously a wide range of opinions on this, but to me, personally, style and description are a big part of the game. There are a subset of players who spend a lot of time on description, nakeds, how their characters look, etc. One way of considering this would be to call it dress-up. Another way to consider it would be to realize that not everyone gets their kicks in this game exclusively from action/drama/RP and that the subset of players who enjoy description and style for its own sake are actually serving each other's interests by indulging in cosmetic-type purchases.
You can care about how your character looks without being a retail-buying barsitter who ignores theme, and you can play to theme without being an action/combat-oriented character.
I think there are legitimate reasons to be saving up large sums of money. It's especially true of items which are almost or solely retail. A mirror from my character's neighborhood furniture store costs the better part of their paycheck, and they make decent pay. A mid range car costs many paychecks, which means a lot of saving. Sometimes, there are reasonable causes for saving (or hoarding, if you prefer). That is topside life, though. It's capitalism run rampant and people want brand new things for image reasons, rather than buying second hand and possibly stolen from a fixer. Excluding the services of people like tailors and doctors, of course.

I do not agree that clothes, biomods, and things like that are a waste and offer nothing to RP. If these items enhance RP for that character, then they are worth the money. I regard these things as being no different from any of many other frivolous things available for players to purchase. Will they necessarily make a big splash on the RP scene? Probably not, but maybe it will in the life of that character and people they know. Often, we're told that we don't know the entire picture of what's going on. That is true about the lives of other players' characters.

I agree with Crooknose that people get their kicks in different ways. What you do not find to be worthwhile, another person may think is very fun and advances the image they want their character to have in RP. They may have broader reasons to work on image in terms of how they look and how many toys they own, too. It will vary by the character and who they are.

I think working paycheck to paycheck to afford things isn't themely. If your character wants something and doesn't make enough money, they should do other things to make more money.

I think playing Sindome and only collecting paychecks is a big complaint. More so than doing things to make a lot of money and hoarding it.

I would never presume to judge anyone else's rp if I weren't an admin, because I have to think about how I can't see what they're doing, what they're planning, etc.

Even an admin can't know the in-betweens, things that aren't posted like character's feelings, or thoughts that aren't written out much (even though there's a command for it). There's a lot of other things that feed into that, many which no one can see. Only the author themselves have the answer.

In this light, we can only judge ourselves.

Since player notes are supposed to be used to portray your characters mindless, I guess in that light, only we can judge you. :P
I meant mindset.... >.> Freudian slip? <.<
Even then, it'd probably take an admin to talk to an author about what they have planned, where they're going, etc to *fully* understand. Otherwise it's only part of the story ever.