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How does one start a plot in Sindome?
What does this actually entail?

Players in Sindome have to be very proactive. It's why it is so important that your characters have goals they can gun for.

Once you have a goal in mind, do things ICly to make it happen. Recruit help, make plans, purchase supplies. @note your progress and your intent.

If at some point along the way you need an NPC to do something, go talk to them. If they are busy (not responding) submit a @puppet request. Maybe they will help. Maybe they will charge you dearly. Maybe they tell you to go screw yourself and you need to replan.

If you are doing all the above and involving many players, the GMs are more likely to take notice and pitch in. And they will work your puppet requests (though not always to the outcome you expect). And they will try and make the world react in a way that is themely and consistent to you and your teams actions.

So. Robbing a store might look like this:

- Add an @note stating your goal

- Start getting others in on it, adding notes as to your progress

- If you need something from NPCs, talk to them and use puppet requests if needed

- Work out a plan and @note it

- Buy equipment and @note it

- If you are not sure what you need to get a job done, ask someone PC or NPC and note it

- Let the GMs know with a note as you approach action day. They might need to schedule things with you

- xhelp before making your move and get the go ahead

That's a general outline in a nutshell. It's just using the basic tools to make things happen. Also keep in mind that the GMs will be handling things as you go but there is no guarantee that the result will be what you want. The plan might fail. It might get derailed. But it should all contribute to a fun story and great RP!

Players who can create plots like this and drive them are highly valued. Give it a go!

Forgot to mention. Just because there isn't a command with coded mechanics to do what you need done doesn't mean it can't be done. Such things just need GM assistance and you will have to convince them that you have your ducks in a row to give it a try (though sometimes you will just be told no). Talk to them if you have such ideas.
Best plots are those not involving GMs. While you can do a heist you will probably get more out of your Sindome experience by involving other players in your roleplay. And the theme is there for you to be exploited, the best plots are in the form of rivalries and making devices against your enemies. So go out there and find somebody more or less as strong as you (or don't?) and let the blood flow. If you aren't into that type of RP, then try involving yourself in other player's plots and become a tool for their success. There are 2 type of players: leaders and followers. You can be either no problem. It'll take some time and headbutting but it should happen in the end.
I think there's validity to all these points. I've been part of plots that unfolded pretty much as Grey0 described, with lots of noting and eventual xhelping to line up a time for the action to happen, and they're really fun and rewarding.

However, you can't and shouldn't necessarily expect NPC/GM heavy plots to happen all of the time. Sometimes NPCs will provide a framework for you; this might happen if, for instance, you're an employee (or say, a gang member) and your NPC boss/leader wants you to get something done.

More often, far more often, things unfold as Villa suggests. You press your interests, collude with other players, make enemies, come up with your own goals, and then make it happen, often with no need for admin involvement.

There's a great post by Slither that I'll try to find and bump, about different types of players. The players who are able to consistently self-generate plots and action tend to be the most revered in the MOO. The best method is always going to be to find a mentor character and learn from them. They don't even need to be your mentor ICly, maybe they're your enemy; the point is, OOCly you're like woah, how are they doing that, and then you take an interest in replicating their results, or at least their process.

Never just wait around for GMs to give you a job or plot. This is what I mean by being proactive. You, need to give your characters goals that make sense and go after them independently. Your Sindome experience will be much duller if you wait for the GMs to hook you in. And only involve NPCs (and therefore the GMs) as it makes sense ICly.

As Crooknose and Villa point out, you can do so much without needing GM assistance and it's almost always preferable to seek out a PC resource given the choice. But if you note your plans and progress, even in things that are purely PvP, it's a way to invite GMs to get involved if they want to. If they like what you've got going on.

After reading the notes from the guided discussion, I wanted to add a bit to this in hopes that it might help dinner people who have a hard time plotting.

Simple plots can be great. Sometimes a great plot can be built by just dramatizing and overcomplicating a mundane task.

Powerful criminal type in the mix? Wake up one day with this overpowering feeling that the fuzz is closing in. You need to update now before it's too late. But you can't just go up and update, the fuzz is waiting to man you! So you pay two lowbies to scout things. And a midbie to rob a store at the opposite end of gold while you sneak in and update.

Mad scientist type? Decide you need to inspect sewer rat corpses for 'science'. Hire some people to find them and a guest to protect your and kill them. Go fund those lab samples!

Can't hire? That's okay. Half the time you can get people on board just by offering excitement. Or 'make friends' just to get free labor. Or offer to exchange work.

Also, keep in mind that sometimes breaking even out losing chyen doing this is worth it as it is basically the cost of developing a reputation as someone who does cool things.

Hope this addition helps!

One other thing... It's important to manage exposure and reputation.

It's hard to get people to buy into a risky job when they don't know who you are or the details of the work. It can help immensely if you actually expose yourself a little. I know it's hard, especially as you grow. But it can help so much.

If you insist on revealing nothing, then be prepared to pay more and likely some up front. The people your are trying to engage have to do a cost benefit analysis just like you and it's on you to make it worth it.

Also, exposure can generate kinds off RP all on is own. And is free (unless you get got). Just showing up at a bar as a big name, in the open and shooting the shit, will often draw people. People want to see. Talk about it. Tell your enemies. Maybe get paid. Maybe warn you or get an in helping you.

And remember your reputation. As an example: If you routinely rob people (like some gangers do) and provide little to no real positive in their lives, they WILL avoid you. Your simple offer of a job is now a risk not worth taking because the last five interactions were negatives for them.

Or if you have the reputation of anyways being broke. Who believes you can actually pay? Or if you're known as a snitch. Or... The point is that people don't forget the past just because you want a pizza.

Not ddayng you shouldn't do mean things. Please do them. But be ready for the impact and plan on ways to mitigate it all. Like having sides. Or making people feel like the loss of resources eat with it. Or be known for following a code they can understand.

"Also, keep in mind that sometimes breaking even out losing chyen doing this is worth it as it is basically the cost of developing a reputation as someone who does cool things."

This, so hard. Not doing something that will involve lots of players and RP because you don't profit chyen off of it is a form of "playing to win", and should be avoided.

Remember. Chyen and gear are temporary. Style and legacy are forever. You can be a Mix millionaire, but if you never use it to enable RP for others, what is even the point? A good reputation as a "cool character" is hard to build, much harder than amassing gear and chyen.