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How to chat IC both to PC and NPC?

Hello, Ive been trying to chat to NPC's like Lizzy to get a tattoo to no avail, couldn't talk couldn't whisper examine anything, nothing worked. I tried getting help but all I got was hints to try this or try that and how to join help chat channels that were probably empty as I got no reply. So how do I chat to NPC's also how do I chat to Player Characters and am I right that player characters are marks by

1. Read 'help NPC' in-game or here:

2. xgame connects you in real-time to players on the Game-Help channel in the game.

If you think you're talking to an NPC, your best bet is to use a 'to' message.

'to Hi, I'm looking to get inked up. Do you think you can help me?'

That lets admins see that you're talking to them. You can also pose, but it's tricky because you need to make sure to -only- mention the NPC in the pose. I don't belive the admins can actually see the pose part, either, so a 'to' message is best if you're alone.

Try typing '@tutorials' or '@tutorial' I forget which one it is. There's a speaking and emoting/posing tutorial and they should both help you out a bunch in regards to commands that you can use for players with ease.

Also, try not to share IC info with us! We don't want to know what your character has been trying to do! Not over OOC channels, at least.