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I am Addicted.....

Hi My Name is Wintermute and i am addicted....

I've been playing SD for just over a year now.. and by that i mean that i started my first character about this time last year and have pretty much played ever single day since.

I Love this game and the community in it. I've experienced a true range of emotions from dizzying highs to terrifying lows.. from elation to frustration and on the whole have enjoy every last minute of it.

In my short time i've made some good friends (oocly and icly) made some great enemies (icly) and generally had a whale of a time with this great community. I've been blessed in experiencing some great RP, a town hall meeting and a rampage.. in short i've loved everything that SD has given me and i've always tried to contribute back to the game and community and generally as helpful in as many ways as i can think, both icly and oocly.

I've been playing this Alt for the majority of my time here and have set up some serious long term plans as the scope of the ideas and contributions i've wanted to make have been some what large in size. It has therefore been inevitable that i've suffered setbacks as well as the having made great strides towards my long term goals and all throughout i've tired to maintain a positive , helpful and cheery disposition towards the game and the community.

Its is therefore with a heavy heart that i've decided to impose a self enforced break from SD and dont intend to continue as a player until at least the new year where i will take stock of where i am. This i want to make clear is not a negative post and is entirely unrelated to other recent posts on the BgBBs.

However it has recently been brought to my attention that my recent contributions may not have been perceived in a positive light that they have always been intended.

Taking some time to analysis myself and my game play had lead me to see the following.

1. I've been unable to see the RP in recent ICLY events that have affect my Character. .. This is not to say that there wasnt RP to be had or even that i should be aware of it. (Please see my other BgBBs posts if you doubt my perspective of this). I really appreciate all the effort that GMs and players alike put into creating RP and content and so i have concluded that am suffering burn out and have been blinded to the fun by my quest for my long term objectives..

2. There appears to be a lot of negativity flying around recently in both ooc chat and on the BgBBs, with people becoming increasingly aggressive and defensive in reply and whilst i have always tried to be a positive, constructive and unifying influence, its been somewhat draining and i hope that none of my recent contributions have veered into the negative and contributed to this general devising and negative vibe.

I have always and will continue to promote faith and belief in the GMs, the positive contributing members of the community and SD as a whole. I am in no way complaining or bitchin about anything , anyone or any events at all. I have truly appreciated all RP and effort by both GM and players alike and wish to express my gratitude to you for all your efforts and time.

I would implore the whole community to continue to be the wonderful people that you are and continue to make this game great for all by coming together and doing what you all do so well, creating a wonderful rich would full of great characters engaging in interesting , exciting and dynamic RP. Have faith in the game, in johnny and the GMs.. in each other and the world world that is SD..

If i have upset or offended anyone oocly or any of my comments or posts have been negative then i'm truly sorry as this was never the intent or the spirit of them. I hope that my positive contributions have outweighed any perceived negativity.

If i have upset or offended anyone or everyone icly.. good!! fuck ya.. i hope you enjoyed it as much as me.:)

I would have liked to have handled my break in a slightly better way to wrap things up icly before i left but the last thing i have ever wanted to do was be negative so recently comments have led me to believe that a clean break to get away is best in this case. i apologies for any disruption this may cause.

I hope that the new year will find me rejuvenated and ready to crack on with my long term RP plans and scopes.. after all i've still not organised or participated in a Oceans 11 style caper that a fresh face player wanted to do a year ago :)...If however i dont, then i wish to thank you all. your all a wonderful bunch of filthy street mixer scum and pompous corpie fucks. i have enjoyed RPing with the lot of you and truly appreciate the time, effort and care you have put into your RP with me.

I as always will continue to make myself available to help out in any way that i can ie description writing or what not and GMs you have my email address if you need anything like doing (and I actively encourage as i will have more time on my hands and it might help to keep me connected to the game and less likely to drift away) , but as a player i think i need to take a step away.

Wishing you all the best..


ps i hope we are going to still be 5th in tmc or higher if and when i come back.

Well, I for one can't wait to have you back!

I am not sure of what negative feedback you're talking about as there hasn't been any noted on the GM side but I think you're a strong player with a lot of IC ambitions that are good for the game so I certainly hope you come back to SD refreshed and ready to get back at the RP.

Please be mindful that RP coaching shouldn't be taken as negative feedback if that might be what you're referring to, it's meant to help you grow as a roleplayer.

Breaks are good and even GMs have mandatory one week vacations they have to take, so enjoy your time off and I look forward to roleplaying with you in the near-future!

I have interacted with you both ICly and OCly and I can tell you without a doubt that you are one of the good one. Enjoy your break and I hope you are back.
I just started playing SD again after..gosh...over a year of hiatus. Before that, I played religiously for six, maybe seven months. My leaving was sudden due to RL circumstances beyond my control and while I didn't leave because of anything 'game' related, like any player that dedicates time, energy and yes..emotion..into their character, there were definitely times that I was chaffed at plots that my character backed themselves into and/or interactions that were not where maybe I wanted my character to be. But, having been away from the game, I have to say..there is a renewed sense of 'newness' to it all that has made playing fun again. So, I don't recommend anyone take as long as I had to, but breaks can really be what we need to re-establish why we originally came to SD and what we loved about it.

Wintermute - I don't really know you but I'm sure you'll get centered and be back in no time, ready to rule the world as we know it, or at least a small chunk of it :) Happy holidays!

Good luck, Wintermute, I hope you get the recharge you need and come back strong. I've done this, myself, and it can be just the shot in the arm needed sometimes.

No pun intended.

Not in any of the many senses possible here =D

I have to agree with Wintermutes sentiment. THIS GAME IS GREAT! I have spent most of the past 2 days here and I have to say this is the exact experience I was looking for in a roleplay. In depth, hardcore, fantastic lore, the whole shebang! Thank you all for such a great experience.
You'll be back, they ALWAYS COME BACK.

On a serious note, it's good you realize that you might have a problem, and I hope to see you back when you find the love for the game again.

Good Luck, hope to see you back!
Hey wintermute. I dunno if I played with you, but I can tell you are one of the most polite posters in the boards, and that quality is appreciated.

We'll be waiting for your return!

I should probably do this at some point. I'm pretty solidly addicted as well. It helps that I have two vacations coming up that'll force me away from the Internet. Screw all of you for making this game so awesome.