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I'll be away for the most part for a bit
just so you know

Due to circumstances beyond my control I'm going to be moving.   If you guys don't see me around don't worry I'm not fleeing, but it may take up to a week, hopefully not more to organize internet access at my new place on a regular basis.   I'll miss the RP.    Ya, I'm addicted tho so you know I'll be back ASAP

Good luck duder

Hey thks man.  Life's definately had some lemons for me, good thing I know how to make lemondrop shots.  

But between splittin with my fiance', having to stop chiefin cause I have to study my ass off for a CDL, dealing with the gay post office on my passport, moving... ya.

I do want to say it makes me appricate the good things in life, like a decent job, best friends who get all their wife's "liberal" girlfriends togther for a trip to the strip club to make me feel better, the very rare good friend, and this awesome community that I call home.   Weather we've argued, had disagreements,  spent hours chatting, or drink beer together I name all of you among my friends.

Let me know if there's anything the admin can do to help game wise.  IE: needing to be put in the void for safe keeping.

thank you very much, I'm starting to come around to the point where life is settling back down to normal, but not totally quite yet.