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IC Information on BGBB Discussions

I feel like lately there has been a lot of ostensibly IC information being discussed on the BGBB, on the Ideas board especially.

I don't think this is intentional, but I do think it arises most often from two things:

Idea: We should have this...

Answer: This exists already.

In a lot of cases even just knowing there is an otherwise lesser-known mechanic or item or faction can be an advantage, sometimes a big one. I've learned about a lot of things I've never actually seen IC just by reading through some threads where people chime in to say such-and-such is already implemented. The other scenario that is pretty common is...

Idea: This should be balanced because...

Answer: Yes it should be balanced but I can't say why.

Answer: It doesn't need to be balanced because X, Y, Z reasons.

I think one of the biggest problems on the idea board is players acting as gatekeepers for what are acceptable ideas. If someone suggests an idea that doesn't make sense because of mechanics they don't understand, there's no need for players to educate them on this topic or get into debates over why the mechanics work with everyone talking about how they can't really discuss it but still giving away details simply by virtue of that discussion.

The staff are not just going to add an idea because it sat unopposed on ideas, it's not necessary for players to chime in on things in a way that divulges details, and a comment saying "this wouldn't work but I can't say why" doesn't add anything to the discussion anyway.

Players don't need to know if their ideas are viable or not, they don't need to know if they make sense, they don't need to know if they already exist -- all of those things can be filtered for by the staff when deciding to implement.

All these discussions do is create an avenue for bypassing IC mechanisms to learn about the game. We shouldn't have any comments of players saying 'oh thanks, X is a good idea I didn't know about that' on the BGBB.

Having read almost all of the BGBB for reasons unknown to even myself, I can agree that there are a lot of things revealed over BGBB.

However, I feel such info hasn't actually spoiled anything major (and those that have are deleted). The way I play now has been influenced almost entirely by IC events. The most influential BGBB posts for me are the ones about getting ahead in Sindome, Sindome on a time budget, etc. Basically everything that's pinned in this New Players post.

One of Slither's old songs spoiled waaaaaay much more for me than any BGBB post ever has. 😅

As somebody who was guilty of it a lot, I feel like the summary of this post is simply that the best way to avoid giving away IC information unnecessarily is to simply abstain from weighing in on an Idea you disagree with and has no constructive recourse to.

I understand that it may make some people anxious to not voice their disagreement, as it may seem like it may lead to the staff team implementing something you dislike, but I feel like most of the time the staff has their own vision and don't blindly follow BGBB anyways.

Plus, in 0x1mm's particular example, there is no point to even voicing your disagreement. An Idea already exists. There is zero chance of it being redundantly implemented. So why bother?