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Inviting people IRL to play Sindome
Friends, Lovers, Co-Workers, Class-Mates, Et Cetera

Because of it being illegal to contact others OOCly due to the possible impact of sharing IC info, I was curious about inviting or getting people you know IRL to play. I have had quite a few people intrigued with watching me play, and there are others I would love to get started playing, whom I've played MUDs with for many years. However, because of the OOC restriction, I have always assumed I cannot get my friends, co-workers or even my boyfriend to play, because we all know each other IRL, and would most likely play from the same internet access point at times.

I am making this post as requested from after the Town Hall had concluded.

This is how I got started. A few months ago at a high school reunion we were talking about RP games and an old buddy of mine said you should play Sindome. The trick is to avoid sharing details. Of course you will have to ignore possible accidental pieces of knowledge, but if someone starts asking something that is close to IC just yell FOIC BITCH. (I got that a lot as a newbie.) Also, you will no doubt find each other interacting with each other. Try not to share character names but its likely to happen, so make sure you avoid familiarity and get into your RP zone, even if it means telling them to fuck off cause they are a dirty mixer.
Yea, same. My in real life friend was the one who introduced me to Sindome. (With the main hook being: You can 'legally' pickpocket and troll characters ;d)

I got really addicted and invested while she lost interest and moved on to another game in the end. Zoom forward a few years and I'm still here!

I think sometimes inviting friends you know would enjoy SD (and is compatible with it) is a good way to recruit players who might stick around or perhaps contribute to the game positively.

However, then there's obviously the main problem of meta and OOC contact...Also, it would clash with Rule 2.I [Sharing Contact Information] directly.

I invite friends to play all the time! I don't tell them who I am and all I say is, "Try not to die! lol"
Thanks for the feedback everyone. What yah'll said makes sense.

Hoping an admin could weigh in on it! Like, if I got my bf to play.... Might be too close to home though for the OOC meta data thing though.


Personally, and other staff might advise differently, I've always advised that it's fine to get friends to sign up as long as you both know, understand and acknowledge that there are rules about IC and OOC cooperation and the sharing of information and that if caught then both of you are going to be punished for it.

So how do I explain Sindome to a friend?

Well, you tell them about the game. It's a cyberpunk text based RPG and you can do crazy shit in it and it's fun as hell. Don't delve to IC but just tell them enough to get 'em hooked and get them to check it out, y'know?

Stick to the rules and you'll be fine. Make a pact not to talk about Sindome if they sign up, that way you won't have the urge to share those juicy IC info's.

Other staff might advise differently. I'm just a lazy web publisher.

Fight club rules.
Tell them to join, that if they get frustrated to take a breather and try again as there is a learning curve and that they cannot know who you are IC or discuss in character things with you.

I have had many friends join off that description, and I didn't even know who they played until years later when one of them stopped playing and mentioned something that would tie them to the character offhand. Its wonderful to play the same game and get totally different experiences together, knowing you are both doing something amazing but not exactly what.

Fight club rules.
Just follow the @rules and you'll be fine. Let us know if you plan on logging in from the same place. If you tell us about knowing each other IRL, IDing each other by email address or something, that'll make it easier to trust you in the long run than if we find out ourselves.