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Irl cyberpunk and/or drunken idot?
I don't know which...

Ok. So tonight i went out clubbing. I don't usually club but I fancy the crap outta the girl i was invited by. Anyways... We pre drink. Before I even arrive in a club i have paid a barman and a bus driver tips whether they like it or not. Being a naive and drunken gentleman i also give the grand sum of 5 british pounds to two homeless men, One of whom openly admits to having stabbed his mothers boyfriend (after the man apparently threatened to kill his mother.).

Anyways.... Later in the night i spot the two homeless folks i have so generously given (an admittedly meagre amount of) money to harrassing and chasing some mouthy drunkards around town. Being a responsible man i approach the nearest two policemen (and women) to report what i have seen only to recieve this response. Word for word i was told "we are not talking to you. You are drunk.".

Insulted by what i felt was a lapse in the british judicial system i went and sat on a bench in the middle of town in "political protest" and told anyone who would listen my story. Later in the night who shold pass me by but one of the two homeless folks i had given money to. He asks me what it is i am doing and, when i explain, he returns that when you go against the law in britain you don't win and actuallty, if the police did pay any attention to me, i would be distracting from their more important duties of adressing actual crimes. This made sense to me and still does. Strangely enough he also told me he had made £285 in that one night of begging (which is a third pf what i earn a month) and he paid for my taxi home. Anyways. I am still drunk and need to sleep.

You guys feel free to state what you think of this anecdote. I am going to catch up on my sleep and/or be sick in the loo. I look forwards to hearing your thoughts.

This also should explain why i was not ic today. Sorry folks.
That was very entertaining to read. Brits are too polite.
Here's what I think. It sounds like the police were a bit dismissive indeed, depending on what you mean by harassment. You say 'mouthy drunks' - were these people verbally abusing the beggars before they got 'harassed'? They might not like sharing the street with beggars, but I'm sure there's things them two would change about the mouthy drunks' social standing in return, if they could.

On the specific issue of the 280 GBP or however much (can't see now that the reply window is up): sure, it's a third of a month's pay for you, presumably working every day in an actual workplace with safety regulations and some kind of security, but how much time do you expect they should spend each month exposing themselves to the elements and the threat of violence and arrest?

Most people choose a more dignified-looking workplace if the option is available to them, and I'd like to think this guy gets the occasional break from begging to, oh, I don't know, look for jobs? Get inside and warm? Visit people who still care about him and express concern? How long do you expect those 280 pounds to last someone with, in all likelihood, no bank account, a sustained addiction and other medical problems? Something tells me that's not quite enough to put a down payment on an apartment or car.

It's quite possible, maybe even likely (I don't know the UK statistics as well as my region), that these guys have some kind of illness that prevents them from being hired at any place on offer. Did you ask? I'm guessing you prefer to make your next 280 under shelter or at least the eventual promise of shelter, around people who care to some degree whether you live or die, or else you'd be out begging for change. In theory, if it were actually more appealing to make 280 that way than yours, they'd be paying you and your colleagues more to keep you showing up to work, right?

Entertaining rant, though.

Woot Woot for replies and I am glad I have entertained folks. I didn't mean to rant though and apologise (cause that is definitely what it looks like/is i'll admit.)

First thing I am going to say is I was full on "drink" when i wrote this... I had literally just got home at five in the morning. I am surprised the scentances actually had -any- meaning and unsurprised that, on reading them back, i found i had not accurately explained why i had actually shared this anecdote with you fine folks or my actual thoughts on it.

The title "irl cyberpunk and/or drunken idiot? (I really don't know)" was actually a reference to my feelings about myself at that precise moment. I felt it was perhaps pretty cyberpunk to have spent several hours protesting the authorities having ignored me and very "mixer" to have ended the night associating with the homeless and having a homeless dude pay for my taxi back (cause i had spent my cash and lost my card). In retrospect that was all pretty vane of me and I have settled on my actions being well intended but idiotic rather than any kind of punk (and where the cash is concerned full on moronic).

What I -am- annoyed about:

-the police having ignored what could have been an important tip off without listening to me beyond "i need to talk to you."

-me losing my money and card by tipping all and everyone who did anything for me (the card turned out to be in a different pocket anyway)

-my friends leaving me behind in town (i mean seriously? After i paid for the bus and their drinks?).

-it saddens me a bit that the homeless dude was chasing people down but as has been mentioned i don't fully understand the circumstances.


What i am -not- annoyed about:

-the homeless dude making £285 in a night (i mean he paid for my taxi home. How ungrateful of me would it be to complain? I simply mentioned this as i thought it was ironic).

What I am happy about:

-It was a learning experience!

-I am not an angry angry drunk. I am a polite angry drunk and I stood up for what i believed in.

-entertaining you guys!

Anyways guys. Thanks for reading and as ever. Walk safe withmore!