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January 2018 RP Awards
Cast your vote! Winners announced @ Town Hall

Hey Everyone!

We will have the RP AWARDS at this Town Hall. It's a once a year kinda thing, and we do it during award season. Click the link below and cast your vote for the most influential RPers in the game!

The winners will be announced after the Town Hall.

When is the cutoff date?

Is it alright to place the same character in multiple categories?

Cutoff will be day of the town hall, you can nominate whomever you want, for multiple categories.
Today is the last day of voting. I will be closing the form and tallying the votes tomorrow morning. Get your votes in!
We don't have a Best Spoofer category. Maybe we should. I didn't realize spoofing was in such high usage these days. We heard this name a few times around best spoofer: Lala. Congrats on winning a category we didn't have but may have in the future!

First category. BEST POSE'R. Their poses drip with prose that add to the overall role play experience of those around them. You wait, with bated breath, for their next move.

The Runner Up is (and this was done to just 1 vote): Arachne

The Winner Is... Shakeia! Congratulations. Posing and spoofing and emoting adds so much flavor to the game.

Next up is one of my favorites. I think accents add so much to the game, and to the characters we interact with. BEST ACCENT. Nominate da chummer yous feel like tawks wit da most ace accent. Bein' unnastood is fah bakas, ya scan?

The Runner Up is: Azelle

The Winner Is: Shakeia! Congratulations! Great job on the accent and keep it up. I think this is actually the second time Shakeia has won this category...

Next Up! MOST THEMELY. They ooze cyberpunk from every pore. Their poses, their speech, their actions, their manner of dress. It all comes together in a way that makes you jealous and pushes you to reach for even greater heights in your own pursuits.

The Runner Up is: Amon! Great job. You came close to winning.

The Winner Is: Shakeia! That's two for them now. Great job! You are crushing it.

I created the next category when thinking of the original Nicadeamus Fraiser. This guy, played by Iga, a former Head GM, was so lightning fast with his wit… QUICKEST WIT. They are unrivaled in their wit. Their words are so sharp they could slice through a full suit of Xo5 battle armor faster than a ceramic composite katana.

The Runner Up is: Shakeia

The Winner Is, by far, with like half the votes, Sydney! Congratulations.

Next Up! BEST DESCRIBED. They've spent endless hours fine tuning their @describe and @nakeds. Words are their paint and the MOO is their canvas.

The Runner Up is another close one with Alivia coming is very close.

The Winner Is: Arachne. You rock! Congratulations to you.

My personal favorite, cause it's my thing. COOPERATIVE COMPETITION. This category is for those unsung heroes of OOC and XGAME that are always there to help out newbie and oldbie alike with questions they might have. They never make you (or anyone else) feel dumb for asking a question. Even if it was better off asked ICly.

The Runner Up is: Villa

The Winner Is: Vera. Congratulations on winning and thank you both for being excellent examples of what we expect from our best community members.

Next! MOST INTIMIDATING. The mere sight of them sends shivers down your spine and a sets your heart racing. Your fingers tremble as you write out the string of movements that will take you far, far away from them. Of course, you reconsider leaving at the last minute, because damn if they aren't fun to RP with.

The Runner Up is: Azelle. Guess 11 year old chicks are scary or something.

.grin evilly.

The Winner Is: Amon! Good job you scary ass mother fucker.

And finally… they have it all, including your hearts. BEST IN MOO! The person who's RP is so damn good that even though they betrayed you, got you fired so they could have your job then promptly quit it because it wasn't 'a good fit', killed your best friend, and burned down your house-- you still can't help but seek them out to get that RP fix.

This was a pretty close vote… I want to take a second before announcing the winners to thank everyone who took the time to vote. It's important we recognize exemplary community members and thank them for the excellent entertainment they provide us all!

The Runner Up in this category is… HERMES! Great job you are an incredible RPer and It's been a pleasure to watch you develop over the years.

The Winner Is… AMON! He has been thrown a LOT in terms of challenges in the past year and he has rolled with the punches, been a great player, and obviously, entertained and impressed a great many of you. Congratulations.

say And congratulations to everyone who was nominated and everyone who won. Thank you all so much for making Sindome what it is.