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Johnny turned 18 today!
That's 18 Sindome Years, folks. Come say thanks!

Johnny first connected on Mon Sep 29 15:40:44 1997 PDT

He is 18 years old.

This character is 18 years old.

That's a lonnnnnggggg time. He's been the rock of this game, the driving force, the primary developer, the creator of the web-client, the website, huge swathes of the code-base, he's the guy that paid the bills year in and year out (server, domain name, advertising) long before we have donations and still pays them now, if we're ever short.

He brought on some of the best and most active GMs. Then he trained them how to be a success. And they trained more GMs and more Admin.

In my personal experience with Johnny, he taught me how to be a better coder. He taught me about various tools and methodologies. He gave me enough rope to hang myself with code wise and as a GM and later as a Head Game Master, and a $Justice. I would be a different person, in a very different line of work, had it not been for Johnny. He has always believed in me, and believed I could do better than I was already doing (which was pretty great, cause I'm awesome too, just saying).

Some of you may have never even interacted with him, but your In Character and Out of Character experiences were shaped, in no small part, by his vision for Sindome. Everything you see, everything you do, everything you interact with, has been touched by, coded by, influenced by or approved by Johnny, in one manner or another.

He has been the driving force behind just about every single innovation in the history of Sindome. He has taken a TEXT BASED GAME and shaped it into one of the most expansive, intelligent, in-depth, well developed, high technology masterpieces of a games I, and many of you, have ever played.

He never asks for thank yous or attaboys and accepts nothing less than what he asks of himself. His dedication and contributions to Sindome are literally beyond measure.

I think he deserves a big ole thank you, from all of us.

Thank you, Johnny.

Thank you, Johnny, for 18 years of dedicated vision, hard effort, blood, sweat, tears, and countless bytes. You and your creation are an inspiration to those of us who merely aspire to what you have achieved and continue to achieve.

I wouldn't be on quite the same coding path I'm on today were it not for his influence, and while I have not had the same opportunity as Slither, I can appreciate what a good mentor can do for you.

So, hats off to you Johnny. Happy Birthday. And thanks for everything.

Pretty awesome work there. I've had some experiences with you too.

Thank you, Johnny.

Johnny, congratulations on running and maintaining a successful game for such a lengthy period of time. I wish I knew what Sindome was like back in the day so I could see how it evolved over time.

Since I've been here, alcohol has been refactored, there was something done about plants, you added in an escort command (which doesn't have anything to do with prostitution sadly). Armor has been added, armor has been changed, and you've enhanced a simple feature such as 'count' and turned it into a really useful tool. You've also ruined my storage spaces by fixing bugs and have ruined a lot of my outfits by adding in clothing damage.

That's what I know of in just three months... keep up the ace work.

Birthday or no birthday, I'm taking credit for the 'count' change!
Gracias, señor! Stay classy! Keep the facebook recipees coming!
Thank you so much for your continued hard work on the game.
Yo Johnny! Attaboy!

Seriously though. Major thanks. I've been playing sindome a year now and it's been awesome. Not only has it been enjoyable but by providing me with a artificial place to make all my mistakes I've learned a lot I can use in real life too! In my interactions with you (even the ones where you have had to tell me off) you have always been at least polite, if not warm and friendly and generally a pleasure to talk with. I could ramble on and on for several paragraphs i am sure but the general point is, you are awesome, thank you for all you have done for everyone.