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Just here to bitch

I'm new here, but these are a few things I've noticed that I would really enjoy explanations for:

-The Surplus n' Shit that's on the grid map got exploded. Any plans to update the map, or what happpened?

-Not sure if there's an IC reason for me to be unable to create an account on the Whitmore board thingy on the Grid or if it's really just fuckered, last post I could find relating to that was about nine years old talking about revamping the whole Grid. Whatever you guys know about the Grid is more than I do, so feel free to catch me up :)

-This one's the definition of bitching about something: It might just be me, but it's a little tricky finding anything out IC. correct me if I'm wrong, please, but xhelp is OOC, and the NPCs aren't overly helpful (or I'm asking the wrong questions, but again, no way to find that shit out IC), and the newbie help tells you precious little IC (which is fine, just not helpful). I don't seem to be able to find any IC info on the Grid, just random announcements without follow-ups from years ago. Back to the point, do I just stumble around until I find information, or does that not happen?

-Is cm-ing IC? I think it is, but I'm not sure. It never seems to engender conversation anyhow.

Thanks for any answers, I'm just a bit confused about some things.

CM is definitely IC

Grid is IC but isn't going to have a lot of certain kinds of info.

Grid account registration works fine for most people most of the time, be free to ask for help in xhelp or to ask in game-chat OOC channel. There's probably not a IC reason for it to be keeping you out. Just don't be wearing something which concelas your identity when you try to use the grid.

The blown up place isn't Surplus N Shit. The map doesn't show you where the front door is.

Welcome and have fun! If you don't know about the game-chat OOC channel I mentioned, please read "help chat" and "help channels"

Thanks for the quick answer, you really cleared all that up.

And don't worry, I plan on having lots of fun here ;)