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Kids, Families, Etc.

I guess this is partially a question about rules, partially one about theming, and partially one about what, if anything, is acceptable to handwave. Bear in mind I'm a newbie, so if there are harder to find or unspoken rules about this kind of thing, I haven't stumbled across them yet.

Children exist in the world, as they're all over Red Sector's flavor text and the advertisements, but player characters don't seem to have them. Is there a rule against it, or is there an IC reason I haven't stumbled across, or is it just that the game happens in real-time and no one wants to devote 9 RL months of RP to a pregnancy and then 18 RL years to raising a kid?

(Bear in mind that I'm coming to Sindome from a medieval fantasy MUD where families and noble houses were a big deal and central to a lot of people's roleplay, so maybe I'm the only one who even thinks it's strange that family ties aren't a thing.)

It's pretty clear in everything I understand about Sindome that if it isn't actually RP'd out, it doesn't happen. Does that extend to things like birth control and/or abortion?

And if the answer to every bit of this is "Find out IC," I'll figure it out. Thanks.

I know for a fact that there are children PC's and NPC's, perhaps they just look older than they are or you haven't met them yet! :)

As for birth, well I have no clue I'm afraid. I've heard of PC's getting pregnant and of plan B style pills, but never heard of an actual birth.

It's been explicitly mentioned by the admins that pregnancy will not end the way you're hoping it will. Period.

There have been young characters. I can't speak for them, but I think you'll find this is an adult oriented world. I would guess children are a novelty at best, and a nuisance at worst. They are not people of power, they don't hold jobs or amass wealth, and they don't hold massive sway over people. No one is going to hire a kid for an adult's job...

...and everything I just said about children is subject to being made completely false at any time. It already could be! Who knows who came before you, or what that 15 year old is scheming up in his cube? How you play your character is up to you!

I remember one day I asked a GM what was their opinion on roleplayed pregnancies in Sindome. His answer cleared it for me:

"There will be tears. There's no space for babies in Sindome."

I guess in most cases you could theoretically RP a pregnancy. But in most cases, it will never be conceived because the carrier will probably die (or the player controlling them will lose interest) before the nine months are past. And even if the character miraculously survives those nine months with a bulge on their belly, it won't end well because of limitations in the game mechanics itself. I suppose the GMs will just find an IC way to terminate your pregnancy.

Keep in mind that underage characters, marriages, and families (or rough sketches of them) are fairly commonplace. Without hopping into many IC details, S.W.I.M. adopted an underage character through their own IC conventions and the implications of the cyberpunk theme with keeping a family were fairly interesting. Likewise, there's countless of cases of two PCs getting married.

In my opinion, family is a trivial thing, at least according to the theme. Surely it does add certain flavor and development to your character; they get loved ones, and develop interesting relationships with other people (after all, this game revolves around relationships). It can be a thing you would develop when you feel your character is 'stablished'. But it shouldn't be the centric point of your roleplay, at least not if you're a new player. This is cyberpunk, and most characters arrive bare-assed through a queue of fellow bare-assed immies. They won't be concerned about raising a family; they will only want their next paycheck.

And even if they do have a family, the end will be tragic.

There might be child PCs, but they aren't the child of another game character, PC or NPC, because that would require breaking @rule 1.

We've seen unrelated characters form adoptive families.

And these child PCs are like every other immigrant: they weren't born in the game, they were already a child when they were char-genned.

The next poll I put on the website is going to be about how popular other people's child characters are. There are other places on the BGBB where players have made statements about how much they like role playing with a child character.

Our world is not a happy place and we intend for everyone to experience loss, hardship, have to compromise their morals - their standards for themselves. As such, 9 months is a long time for nothing to befall your growing offspring. Their fragile young life would be tremendously hard after birth. From the theme point of view, we really don't recommend trying to have a baby.

Playing the child of another PC or NPC gives advantages other PCs don't have out of the gate. This runs afoul of rules.

You can RP a kid character. RP them aging (or not), but keep it IC. And please, for the love of {your deity or FSM}, don't be trying to have sex with kid characters. We will not tolerate that shit.

I wasn't looking to get into that kind of RP. I just got curious about it due to a particular person's IC SIC tag and the subsequent realization that you can't throw a stick without hitting a pregnant woman on the MUD I came from, but it wasn't something I had seen at all here, and I wondered if the cyberpunk theme was the sole reason for that.

I appreciate the insight from both players and admins.

There's very, very, very little handwaving in SD, just to address that part of the original question.

If you'd like to get into that further, let's start a new topic for it and keep this one focused on the babies.

There's a lot that happens when you aren't logged in (everyday boring life stuff).

You can assume that a basic check up and birth control might even be done at this time.

I did RP a scene about it early on because I was curious and relatively new. But there are condoms, toothbrushes, shampoo and conditioner, soaps, etc that we use but don't necessarily RP getting. Why? It's boring, not needed and doesn't progress storylines (usually).

This is the time of Mr Studd's and Midnight Ladies and Xtra Sense condoms & birth control that won't last 5 years but can last 3 months.

People are selfish. It's hard to make money unless you're high up and been working for the company for near a decade or are some sort of celebrity.

Plus chance of not dying and cloning as a PC is slim. Can happen but is slim.

I figure that the whole family unit idea is the ambient population which you read in places or maybe will have a GM pop a random ambient population reaction depending on what you're talking about and where.

The last time I provided children ambiently in a scene, it was so that witnesses would understand that a certain corpse was gone and wasn't coming back.

Some feral kids swarmed it and took it away for a protein-rich feast.

Wait, why didn't you didn't tell me the kids would turn into feral cannibals!?

brb. Getting knocked up.

Something about a Mud that has so many knocked up women you're more likely to see one than not just cracks me up. Imagine if all our PC's in Sindome were, man that'd be hilarious!
On your workstation's TV screen you see:

This April 1, it is the will of the Corps that all citizens of Withmore City carry offspring.

Yes, also the men. Synthetic uteri will be provided for this purpose. Unless you're in Red. If that's the case, just have somebody put the bag from some boxed wine inside a hole a ganger cut in you with a machete. It'll be pretty much the same.

The pro-lifers are going to have a literal field day with this one.
*clears throat and looks around warily*
Needs more Children of Men.
Bow before my pack of child soldiers with their AK-47s and RPGs.
What I really like about this game is that it isn't all romance and kids and everything. I find that kind of stuff weird to play, but each to their own. I'll have sex IC, but I'll fade to black if I do, or keep it brief and vague, but it's still a little awkward. I haven't tried it in this game so I don't know if people fade to black or not. Anyway, I digress.

Whats unique about this game is that it is real-time, which adds to the atmosphere of it. No one will RP out a 9 month pregnancy. And during it, the majority of times you can't do much but gorge on midnight bitch'n chickn' and throwing up in the toilet every morning.

I can' be sure but considering you can clone people now, you can probably have test-tubes babies. I imagine sex is more for pleasure, while companies like GeneTek handle procreation. Only to the wealthy, of course. Sort of like Brave New World.

Room full of test tube designer babies is pretty in theme I think.
I think running a CP MOO, and dodging pregnancy is straight up wrong. Sure there's a 99%chance it will go wrong, just like moosex,and having a intimate relationship with literally anyone. Just like jacking something from someone twice your size, or shooting back at someone who jacked you. Quite frankly I REALLY think that moosex breaks RP almost all the time, and completely refuse getting myself into that situation. That said, If your going to be gritty and address everything, nothing should be off limits. Drawing ethical lines in a game like this is a really slippery slope to telling others how to play. That said, everyone involved should also be willing to play that role as well.
SD allows pregnancy, it's just 100% guaranteed to never produce a new life. No one really wants kids running around in the form of NPCs you need to take care of, that just sounds miserable and would never be as entertaining as just booting up the Sims 3 or something.

Humans can be sensitive at times, and some people accidentally walk themselves into situations where they get emotionally scarred in RL from the RP they create around themselves.

Not allowing children is just one way we protect the player from a lot of grief for themselves outside of Sindome.

Not allowing children is just one way we protect the player from a lot of grief for themselves outside of Sindome.

Wow, well I think that statement speaks for itself..... Evidently we aren't all grownups here to play a grownup game.

For a veteran player of the game you seem exceptionally unaware of the issues of the past!

Never assume everyone is capable of making healthy choices for their own person at all times, providing some safe limits on some sensitive aspects of the game is the responsible and mature thing to do.

Whoops. Much bigger than I expected. Still, my favorite movie of all time.