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is a MOO client for developers!

I just wanted to show off a nifty java app I've stumbled across.  My favorite features are its built in object browser and code editor.

The screen shot says it all!

That is awesome. A really nice tool. Finally I can mess around with the minimalDB and add only the things I need to it.

By the way, if anyone wants to implement ascii without having to install ascii package.

Two ways to do it (both envovle recompiling lambda moo code)

1) Make a fb_chr function, that takes number and returns a character represenation.

i.e. list.c

static package
bf_char(Var arglist, Byte next, void *vdata, Objid progr)
   static char ascii_char[] = "?";
   Var r;
   if(arglist.v.list[1].type != TYPE_INT) return make_error_pack(E_TYPE);
   ascii_char[0] = (char)arglist.v.list[1].v.num;

   r.type  = TYPE_STR;
   r.v.str = ascii_char;

   return make_var_pack(r);

2) Modify notify method to parse the line and replace the chracter combination with ASCII control codes.

i.e. ^r  becomes "ESC[31m" etc, etc.

I can't play MOOs without color.