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Let's play outside
What motivates you to do so?

I'm curious. What currently motivates you to take your character out of their domicile? What motivates you to RP with more than one person that isn't MOOsex related?

What things could you think of that would motivate you to play outside or publicly in a group of two or more?

In the same vein, what keeps you from taking your character out? Is it something IRL like not having time to RP for more than a few minutes? Fear of something?
Was this thread a response to the "the game feels boring" thread someone else opened in the Theme section?

Feels odd to put the same answer in two places in the same hour, but, it's called for here too:

You need goals for your character.

Scroll down to the post, By Nemisis at Jul 16, 2009 7:42 PM in this thread,, to see what I mean.

I mean, it's very possible to have goals and achieve them, or at least try to achieve them, over phone, grid and SIC. I encourage you to do that if it IS a matter of only having short bits of time to log on. Do that so that you're pushing your character's goals along.

But if you're on for hours and hours and don't go outside to see what kind of shit you can get into, or go outside because you haven't gotten into any shit which you have to go handle, then re-thinking what your character's motivations are and coming up with something they CAN be motivated for, or letting them dry up and blow away and rolling a new character who can be motivated for something, would give you reasons to walk them out of the cube and talk to more than one person. It would also give you reasons to overcome whatever IC things might be keeping the character stuck there. Fear of death or loss has to be a risk-reward balance against what if you dare to chase whatever the goal is.

Nemesis's post on the matter, linked above, is brilliant.

This thread is independent of the other thread and just my personal curiosity. Good link though.
I get out 'cause I get bored and wanna RP :)

I stay inside rarely, but yeah it's usually 'cause I have either little time IRL or can't really focus so I use indirect communication.

So I'm new here, but have run into this issue that the OP is addressing and have resolved it. I am typically a "boring" player because I will not participate in sex scenes as a rule, because I generally find them pointless.

As others have said, you need a goal. And you need to rope unsuspecting victims into that goal. That goal can be big or small, and I would imagine there are people out there who want to be involved in your stories.

In the past, I've reached out to staff when this happens, and they normally throw me right into the thick of things. Also, I try to participate in any public scene that I can. Yes, sometimes it can be boring, but it's all about who you know, not what you do, to make your stories come alive.

With all that this game has to offer, I would think that all it takes is a little effort (and understanding what YOU are looking for) to take you out of the rut.

P.S. - Alternatively, are you burnt out? Have you been playing SD a bit too much/too long? These feelings of boredom have happened to me in the past, when I'm entirely burned out on a game. In that case, it's time to take a break.

you need to rope unsuspecting victims into that goal.




I also agree that, for someone with an agenda and goals, moosex, more often than not, is going to derail them - because it takes SO MUCH PLAYTIME to RP out. On the other and, sometimes a well timed seduction and lay, or manipulation, or betrayal, does take the form of an intimate activity, so, moosex isn't automatically a plot hindrance.

Then you have your players who either are here for nothing but moosex (nothing wrong with that, if it's working for you) or who haven't found the way to go-for much else. For people who are stuck there and don't want to be, I suggest that you start fading to black early and often. You'll find yourself looking for or making other things to do and having time to do them when you find or make them.