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Let's take a moment....
and reflect on the positives

What has Sindome meant to you?

Sindome for me has been lots of fun, a great roleplay environment that edges away from my usual style of play. I've made some great friends that I talk with outside of the game and I've brought some of my friends here to play because I thought the game was awesome.

I would say I have a 90% positive interaction personally with the game and those involved in the community. Learning the different mechanics and how the world works IC has been all sorts of a rollercoaster ride with its ups and downs but I like to think there have been more rises than falls.

Playing Sindome has actually taught me things about myself and helped me grow as a person. Certain things and realizations have come to light while playing this game and I hope the same has happened for other people.

I'd like to read about more positive experiences other players have had here!

Oh, I can understand that. Learning the mechanics and RP situations.

This is my first (and only MOO/MUD) and it's quite a learning experience. Great community too. That's a requisite I think, a good community or enough decent players.

Even though I've RP'd Cyberpunk, it really hasn't been long since most has been fantasy based so I like learning more and more of the world here and all the sorts of characters people come up with. I like how there's more happening now in some areas of the game and over all than last March and April (or seems that way to me).

The nice thing is that there really is no limit to what you can come up with (learn/do). Skill levels depending. :) Thinking, how would the character RP that, and then do that, maybe have someone else shaking there head and wonder about you? Fun times.